Drake – Take Care [REVIEW]


Drake – Take Care finally leaked.

I have a 192kbp rip here, without bonus tracks.  I will share my initial feelings on my first listen.  Don’t cry in comments if I missed a lyric, reference or guest spot.  This is my very first listen so 95% of this album is completely new to me.

If you disagree with something I said – let me know in comments how you feel. Also let me know if I missed any guests appearances, obvious samples etc….

Over My Dead Body – a nice welcome back intro, the beat is soft but Drake goes in. Kind of like an answer to people calling him too soft IMO.  Good intro – nice way to open the album – Drake spitting and not singing.  Crazy sample at the end….esg I believe?

That goes right into….singing.  Shot For Me – starts off almost completely opposite of how Over My Dead Body ended.  I like Drakes singing tho, and I like the vibe of this song.  Dude kills the melodies on this – and then starts spitting which is nice.

It is funny, for a guy who went from actor to rapper, you’d think you would find the music kind of “fake” but Drake consistently seems like one of the most honest artists out there – especially in comparison to his fame.

Nice transition into Headlines – this is a song most of you have heard I am sure.  A good single. I actually think Drake kills the first verse.

I might be too strong out on compliments overdosed on confidence
started not to give a fuck and stop fearing the concequence
Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments

Love that opening.

Crew Love is the next song – and it has my dude The Weeknd on it so I am pumped for it.  It has a Weeknd feel to it for sure.  Clearly this won’t be the last song they do together.  I thought this would be a Weeknd feature for awhile, but Drake breaks up the crooning with a cool verse.   Drake and Weeknd, quite the “Crew”.  Can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with in the future.

Take Care is an upbeat track that opens up with Rhianna singing.  Then Drake comes in with some singing of his own.  Nice drums on this, this could be a hit but it isn’t one of my favorite tracks.  Im guessing this is next single.

Marvins Room/ Buried Alive is next.  Marvins room has been out for awhile, and IMO is one of the best songs of the year.  Definitely one of my favorites.  This is another track that highlights Drake’s honesty.  He is basically admitting to “tricking”.  In the rap world that is a cardinal sin.  The lengthy interlude is very Weeknd inspired IMO. Is that Drake rapping at the end?  The vocal effect sounds makes him sound like Kendrick Lamar.

Underground Kings – This is dope – reminds me of older Drake actually.  In fact the sample reminds me of a track from back in the Comeback Season days (maybe before).  But can’t put my finger on what song it is.  I love hearing Drake like this.

We’ll be Fine – Some nice bass on this track…also the second Aaliyah reference in the past 3 songs.   Pretty minimalistic beat………literally as soon as I typed that the beat changed.  Drake is going in on this too – Im liking his ratio of rapping to singing on this release so far.

Make me Proud is another single Im sure.  I have heard this already and it is not my favorite track, but for a commercial single I didn’t find it bad at all.   I am completely over Nicki Minaj though. She is OK, but I dunno something about her.  Fuck it, I just barely ever like female rappers.

I don’t have the production credits handy, but even if Ross didn’t shout out Blaze, I’d have known instantly this was a Just Blaze beat.  WTF.  Just Blaze is the best producer doing it.  He needs to make MORE beats.  This track is soulful.  Yeah man, Blaze is good.  Drake kills it and any song is instantly made better with a rick Ross grunt.

Cameras/Good Ones Go – Another long interlude/combo song.  Really interesting beat to start and I think I hear Weeknd on it.  In fact the whole beat has a Weekend feel.  Including a Weekendesque beat change.  I don’t mind this but these long interludes are a bit much when it comes to replayablity.  I have heard of Stevie Wonder appearances…and MAYBE there is some Stevie keyboard work on the second half of this?

Doing it Wrong is pretty much typical Drake.  This is the exact kind of song that will make old school rap fans hate him, while at the same time giving girls a leaky basement.  I don’t mind this at all but then again I like RnB.  The horns at end of Doing It Wrong are SO familiar it is  killing me.  Anyone recognize that?

The Real Her comes next and again i can’t help but note the Weekend influence.  Especially with the starts of songs, vocal effects etc…   I am a little disappointed he went into singing mode at the end thus far here.   This track could use some rapping soooooo QUEUE WEEZY AND 3 STACKS!  Weezy is not bad, but of course Andre 3000 kills it.

HYFR – this beat opens up exactly like you would think a song titled (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right) would.  Pretty aggressive beat.  Drake opens up with a George Strait reference too…didn’t see that coming.  He KILLS the first verse tho – love his flow on that.  Weezy makes another appearance on this track, potentially quelling rumors that Drake and him are on the outs?

Look What You’ve Done is up next, and once again it is Drake spitting about lady troubles.  I guess that bothers some people but it works for him.  He sells records.  Another thing, is he does it in such an honest way it is kind of refreshing.  This track grew on me as I was typing.  Really laid back but Drake is spitting and when the drums drop in – really fills out the beat.

The last track I have now is Practice (there are bonus tracks that should leak later).  This is a bit weird – the beat is “Back That Azz Up” but really slowed down.  it is like if Weeknd remixed Back That Azz Up.   I find this track a bit weird, but maybe it will grow on me.

In general off of ONE listen – this seems like a super solid effort from Drake, and will probably end up in my top 10, or even 5 albums of the year.

This won’t make you like Drake, if you didn’t before.  he still raps about women a lot, he still sings, and of course he pushes the boundaries between RnB and Rap music a bit closer together.   The good news is he does it in refreshing way, and keeps his sound current by obviously working closely with a guy like The Weekend.

This might be too soft for some, but I think it is a very solid release and I am sure it will grow on me with more listens.

  • JMZ

    fucking boring! too much singing 
    Thank me later was much better album. 

  • I definitely like this more than Thank Me Later so far.  I don't know if there is any less singing on TML.

    Regardless I expect singing on a Drake album.  Like the sound on this way better off a couple of listens.

    To each their own though.

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