Dreading Things

So yeah, 500 words a day. Probably not the brightest idea I have had. I really thought I would fly through it, which is like one page single spaced. That is nothing man, that is like an intro to an essay.

In theory a lot of things are easy.

I don’t think the writing is the tough part; it is coming up with something to say. I can only talk about the gym so much. Like there isn’t much to share really. It is hot, I sweat and get tired. Repeat daily. I guess if I hit some breakthrough, or start some new exercises, that would be blog-worthy.

This writing 500 words a day business, is actually kind of gym like for me. Instead of training my muscles I am trying to train my mind. I work out at the gym so I can lose weight and get in good physical shape. I write 500 words a day so I can lose my “writing rust” and get back into good verbal shape. They are also both something I look forward to doing but at the same time kind of dread it. And like most things, the idea of doing them, is much worse than actually doing them.

That is like my ultimate problem. The idea of doing different things gets in my mind so much, that I HATE starting them, but once I do it is not bad at all. I used to be like that when I worked at the homeless shelter. I would think of all the bad things that could happen for my night shift, and I would totally psych myself out about it. I would dread going there. The whole walk there i would be dragging my feet. Then, once I got there, it was fine. The 8 hours usually went smoothly and quickly. I’d go home thinking “Wow that wasn’t bad”. The next night, I would be feeling all kinds of dread again.

I am kind of like that with the gym and a lot like that when it comes to writing.
I think it helps knowing that. Once I admitted to myself that I do that all the time, I could focus on working on ways to stop it.

For me I find it helpful to write about it actually, and just simply thinking to myself how ridiculous it is.

That is one thing that is great about working with Justin. He has studied how the brain works in so many ways and for so long, that he has great insight into this stuff. I was a sceptic. I will freely admit that. I saw the Secret and was like “Yeahhhhhhhh, right.” I didn’t listen to it as closely as I should have, and it was Justin that showed me there was a lot more to personal development than the “mystical universe”. Out mind is an extraordinary tool and there are ways of keeping that tool sharp and in good working order. For anyone interested, check out www.igniteyouressence.com. There are some really interesting and free resources there.

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