How vivid are your dreams?

I have heard people dream every night, they just don’t always remember them. I remember my dreams pretty often though. Usually most of my memories are pretty fleeting though. I don’t remember exact details, just random bits and pieces.

Sometimes I have very vivid dreams, so realistic even if I wake up; I can fall back asleep into the dream again. Sometimes they are even scary, when you wake up you are super relieved to have done so.

I even used to have a recurring nightmare when I was younger. I won’t bore anyone, but it was basically about me getting lost. No idea what it means and I am not really into trying to figure it out. My problem with people trying to decipher dreams, are different people having different views. One person will be like, oh well I heard that being lost means blah blah blah, and then someone else will tell you the opposite. It seems kind of futile. It is just way too inexact for my tastes. I think it is probably pretty personal too. One thing in one persons dream could mean something totally different in another’s.

There are a couple opening lines in conversations that I am not a fan of. Things such as “you better sit down”, “I don’t want to offend you but” and then there is “So I had this crazy dream last night…”

I can guarantee no one finds your dreams as interesting as you do. I don’t want to seem rude, but almost 100% of the time I am thinking “booooooooooring.” It isn’t that I don’t care about people. I just know that 95% of the time the person talking about their dream is going to go on forever, not in a good way either. They will go on tangents about why they dreamt about a specific person. They’ll correct themselves a couple times. They will forget parts and come back to it later. I don’t know why, dreams just don’t normally translate into a good story.

I think some of the problem lies in the fact that it is hard to explain pictures and experiences with words. Some people are very gifted at it, but like they say, a picture is like a thousand words. Even the best story tellers will have a hard time doing justification to a great dream.

I do listen to many stories about dreams though. I would never stop a person in real life from talking about a dream. I have to be honest though, when someone opens up a conversation with something about a dream, I am on guard. There is the odd time when a person tells me a dream that blows my mind. I can’t think of any time specific. I do know a couple of times though I have heard a story about a dream and been left with only “whoa” to say. Whoa in a good way too, like one of those multi-syllable “woahs”. Kind of like “woah-hoh-oh”

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