Election Time

Two days in a row – greatest blogger ever!

In Canada today is a pretty normal day. I guess the weather is a surprise, it is November and it will be close to 20 degrees Celsius today. But besides that, it is a pretty normal day here.

Just south of us is a completely different story. Today is Election Day in the USA. Now this is usually a pretty big day in the United States, this year is a little different though. The USA is looking at record breaking levels for their voter turnout. It could be one of their highest voter turnouts in history. That is a stark contrast to Canada, who broke records for lowest voter turnout earlier this year.

There is certainly a lot going on in the US that warrants the high turnout. There is the current financial crisis. That must weigh on the minds of every American citizen. There are a couple wars going on, most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq. As the death tolls and cost rise, voters are very curious about what gains have been made in these countries.

Those two storylines alone would make for an interesting election in the USA. To be perfectly honest though, they may take a back seat to another story.

Barack Obama.

Now I am not going to endorse either candidate. I realize that with my 145 profile views, and ultimate blogger power, I could possibly swing the election one way or another. So I am going to stay neutral on this one.

The fact remains though that this could be a very historical time for the United States. They are on the verge of electing an African American President. I will be the first to say that when Obama threw his hat into the ring to run for President (the democratic nomination at the time) I didn’t think he had a chance.

I try not to dwell on negative thought much these days, but I thought it would be hard enough for a Black man to get elected president. A black man named OBAMA…hell no. I am not alone in this thinking – I saw a multitude of people sharing that exact same opinion.

Well Obama, like him or not, has ran one heck of a campaign. He has positioned himself to be the first Black President. Something I doubted I would see in my lifetime.

Of course the election isn’t over yet, and polls can’t be trusted 100%. But it is looking likely that the USA is ready for “change”. I am not sure what that change will entail; I am not sure if anything will really be that different.

All I know is that if he wins, for one night at least, there are going to be a lot of people who will be shouting his campaign slogan. Yes we can.

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