Elzhi – Elmatic: Brief Review

Elzhi is a Detroit rapper I have definitely talked about before.  He is simply one of the best doing it right now.  I know he doesn’t have an out of this world discography but skill wise El can fuck with anyone. You might best know him as one of the later members of Slum Village – and by far the most talented MC ever in that group.

So recently he dropped a new mixtape – his remake of Illmatic.   I was a bit worried when I heard this.  Why choose Illmatic?  It is arguably the best rap album of all time.  Not only is it one of the best albums, but Nas’ rapping on it was some of the best ever.  Weird choice.  Why not choose an album with fire production and wack lyrics?  But, hey can’t fault Elzhi for aiming high right?

Anyways, the album has dropped and it is great.  At first it made me just want to listen to the original, but this version has its own appeal as well.  First of all Elzhi kills every track on this album – not one bad verse IMO.  No song is less than great in terms of lyrics and flow.  Elzhi destroys Royce on the track they rap on together.  I like Royce a lot but you would think Elzhi completely outclassed him.

The beats are all a bit tweaked as well, more live instrumentation used, some of the beats are extended etc…

I worry that I won’t listen to this a lot because I have listened to the original Illmatic 8,000,000 times and it is a pretty untouchable album.

That said, Elzhi aimed high, and while I may wish he had tackled another project – he still proves he is one of the best in the game right now.  not many rappers out there that could have pulled this off.

You can download the album from the link below the video, it is directly from his website.  You can also buy a physical copy on his site: http://elzhi.com/

  • Jay

     Wack as fuck.

  • 0_o

    this album is straight fire! I'm laying it down as a future classic..no question! I've been waiting a long time for real hip-hop to make a return in a big way. Elzhi did just that..he brought it back.

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