Eminem: Recovery Review

Alright – everyone knows Eminem can rip a track.  He has proven it lately with some insane verses (i.e. Drake’s Forever).  Can he drop a dope album though?

Well some people would say he did with his last album Relapse.  Although I think Em ripped that album – I had a problem with his accent he chose to use (repeatedly) and the beats were way too generic to me. There were definitely a handful of good tracks – but as a whole the album is never in my rotation.

Well here comes his newest album Recovery – time to see if Em can drop another great album in 2010.

This is a very early leak again – and I can not be sure this tracklisting will change.  In 95% of cases the retail album is exactly the same as the leaks I hear.

1. Cold Wind Blows – Ummmm yeah – OK Eminem is kind of a problem!  I know a lot of my friends don’t check for this guy anymore…but he can still rap.  He is spitting some of the bars he dropped on the Westwood show that had people going nuts.  Just sitting nonsense, but no one makes nonsense sound funnier of better.

2. Talking To Myself – Weird(that doesn’t mean bad) beat here. Got a Miami Vice feel to it…I do not like the dude singing at all.  Then Eminem follows his singing – with some singing of his own. Finally rapping.  Pretty personal here. Eminem talking about his struggles and addiction.  Minus the singing on this it is cool.

3. On Fire – Beat is too generic for me – I bet he produced this.  Maybe Dre…either way these type of generic sounding beats are exactly the reason I didn’t like Relapse for the most part.  He kills this – and hey no weird accent this album so far!

4. Won’t Back Down – Don’t like the Pink hook – but this beat goes hard and Em rips it.  This has been floating around the net for a minute now – so I have heard it a lot already.

5. W.T.P – I guess this is Em’s shot at a club single…ehhhh maybe 5 years ago.  Dude is feeling his singing too much.  He sounds good but this is just not my style of song.  LMAO as I listen to this I realize it is about a White Trash Party hahaha – I don’t like the beat but this is funny.

6. Going Thru Changes – Dopppppppppppppppe sample…Sabbath?  Eminem back to being personal.  A lot of people won’t like this because of it – not me – I respect him being honest.  He has mentioned Proof a couple times this album – gotta be tough to talk about that.

7. Not Afraid – Been out for awhile now…I like it – some people don’t.  Yeah Eminem singing is not a good look – but I like a song like this that has a good message.  I am a sucker I guess.

8. Seduction – Oh no autotune sighting.  Generic slightly plodding beat – can’t wait to see the liner notes – another Eminem beat I bet.  Still Em is rapping with no accent and sounds good.

9. No Love – A Weezy feature on this – damn Em does not have many on this album.  LMAO @ sampling that “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me” song…you know the one SNL made famous with the head bopping dudes?  The beat is harder than you would think with that sample.  Weezy is killing it! Em singing – cmon man stop it.  Eminem answered back with a sick verse of his own. Wow Eminem is just destroyed Wayne’s verse…and I liked Weezy on this.  Great song.

10. Space Bound – Is this an Eminem love song? I bet you he is raping or killing this girl by the end of the song. This beat reminds me of Hotel California for some reason.  A bit of a rock ballad hook there…beats Em’s singing I guess. There we go, took the third verse, but now Eminem is strangling a girl and shooting himself.  Touching.

11. Cinderella Man – Eminem beat!  I dunno that – but it isn’t good to me.  Em sounds good but I am not feeling the hand clap and electric guitar beat.

12. 25 to Life – Cool singing to open the song – love rap beats with these slightly breathless female vocals.  Wow this beat is cool – DJ Khalil is a problem – more people should know his name.  White girls gonna love this song.

13. So Bad – I was about to say this beat is generic – but it isn’t.  Something about it keeps it kind of fresh – there is almost a tuba like quality to the beat…and the guitar licks sound better than on Cinderella Man.

14. Almost Famous – This is alright – not one of my fav tracks – not really feeling the production.  Don’t get too mad though it is alright and I have no complaints about Em’s performance on this album at all.  Oh yeah as I was typing that the chorus dropped, makes me dislike the song a bit more.  NOTE: I already like this song now – sounds better with my headphones.

15. Love the Way You Lie – LOL WTF Rhianna on an Eminem album?  Ok I guess no more surprising than Pink. Another guitar based beat – they must be trying to nail that white crowd.  You ever notice small town white people are much more open to rap songs with guitars?  Maybe it is just me.  This song could be a hit for Em – sounds like he made it for the radio.  No complaints I am a sucker for songs like this.  I love me some gee-tar.

16. You’re Never Over
– LMAO Eminem singing like he is in Blink 182.  A real synthy vibe to this beat.  This is fitting for the end of the album called Recovery.  This beat seems like it would play triumphantly as someone was walking out of rehab or something.  Could play this song at the end of The Breakfast Club.  The hook makes me laugh, the way he holds his notes.  I should not like this – but it is infectious.

Overall on one listen I like this album.  People are gonna think I like everything, but I don’t, there has just been a huge influx of good albums dropping lately.  Feast or famine I guess, because the start of the year was really slow.  Now I have too much to listen too.

Anyways back to Eminem LOL… I think he ripped this album – that dude is still one of the best rappers alive.  I like this better than Relapse so far.  A couple songs were obviously crafted for radio love…but I enjoyed them so there is no problem there.

People will complain about Eminem being “Emo” but I don’t mind him being personal.  He does sing on too many hooks and bridges though, do it once if maybe twice if you are feeling yourself like that.  Overall though – off one listen this is good, maybe even great…I wonder if it will grow on me?

I can’t believe I am listening to a potentially great album from Em in 2010.

EDIT: A couple bonus tracks released on itunes:

Session One – This is the kind of beat I expect from Just Blaze – a typical Just Blaze banger- perfect for Em and Slaughterhouse.  It is great to hear Em with Slaughterhouse.  It is really lame that Buddens couldn’t be on this because Amalgam wouldn’t allow it. Good business choice you stupid fucking label.

Riderz – This is def a Dre beat. It is actually OK – not nearly as generic as Dre has been for like 5 years now.  I have no faith in Dre at all at this point – but this is pretty good.  Seems like some classic good ol Shady shit talking on this .

  •  Very useful. Thanks.

  • Erfde

    wow ur review is so stupid

  • Almost Famous – This is alright – not one of my fav tracks

  • 25 to Life - About his relationship with the hip-hop industry, not about relationships with females.

  • And on Almost Famous, "If they don’t like they can all get fucked, instead of sucking him off.They can go get a belt or a neck tie, to hang themselves by. Like David Carridine, they can go fuck themselves and just die." Fuckin nuts man!

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