Erykah Badu New Amerykah Part Two Review

I don’t know how biased I can be on this – because Erykah Badu prettyy much kicks ass and I have loved everyone of her albums.  Her last album New Amerykah Part One was pretty out there compared to her other stuff and I still loved it and thought it was on the short list for best albums of the year.

Some of her older fans missed her more traditional soulful smooth sound…if you missed it, you will be happen to know it is a big way.

This review is gonna be a little different – I am sick of trying to think up ways of saying something is good or something is bad.  This review I will listen to the album and share what I think as I hear each of these songs for the first time (minus a couple leaked ones)

1. 20 Ft Tall – Whoa the start of this sounds kind of like ATLiens – not a bad thing at all.  This is kind of like the last album sound wise, but Erykah isn’t chanting her rhymes she is back to that soulful singing – this could be a sign the album is gonna be soulful and this song is a bridge between the two albums.

2. Window Seat – Niiiiiiice – the transition between the last song and this (with the children screaming) was great.  Right into a classic classic Erykah Badu beat – her old fans are gonna lose their minds when they hear this. This owuld totally fit right on Mama’s Gun.  You wanted smooth and soulful?  You got it.

3. Agitation – The start of this beat sounds like “agitation” if that makes sense – the piano work that is.  Whoa a minute in and this this beat just got crazy.  This is just an interlude type song – Erykah got some musicians straight showing off – this was nice.

4. Turn Me Away (Get Munny) – Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes the beat samples the same song as Junior MAFIA’s “Get Money”!  YOU WANNA SIP MO ON MY LIVING ROOM FLO’.  It isn’t a straight jack though – this beat is siignificantly different – truer to its original source.  Erykah KILLS it – she just rides the beat ridculously.  Always her strong point.

5. Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long – Well fans of soulful smooth Erykah, stand up because she loves y’all.  Love that vocal thing she is doing on this song.  I know some smartass is thinking “Uhh that vocal thing is called SINGING”.  I mean the effect.  This album is great so far.  Erykah usually finishes album pretty strong…if this gets much better I might lose my mind.

6. Umm Hmm – Hmm that sample sounds familiar – something Mo Town maybe?  Wow that beat kind of came out of nowhere – it is great though.  This is a head nodder for sure – especially when the chorus hits.  What are the instruments that make that “sparkling” sound? Good sparkly sound instrument solo to close it out.

7. Love – Hmmm robot voice followed by demon voice ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….followed by DOPE BEAT.  A real funky beat here, another head nodder.  Erykah has that New Amerykah Part One chanting thing going on this album – fits the beat great though.

8. You Lovin Me – This is short – another interlude I guess.  Great beat though, but yeah Erykah is just fooling around…sounds so good doing it though.  Just caught the lyrics…ahahaha…stay up Jay Elec (current beau)!

9. Fall In Love (Your Funeral) – Another upbeat but really smooth beat.  How is this album still getting better?  I love this woman, seriously.  I will start dressing all weird like Andre, Common and every other guy she has lured into her world.

10. Incense – I have heard this one – it is a Madlib beat.  Looks like another interlude.  Really smooth, pretty sure I hear some mean harp work in there.  Damn the bass dropping made this even smoother.  Amazing beat, very chill interlude.

11. Out My Mind, Just In Time – Alright – this song is 10 minutes plus if it is epic then this album is a freaking classic.  Very old school feel to stat, Erykah, red dress on a piano in a lounge. Just blowing people away and having all the guys who swore they would never cheat, thinking about it right then.  Nice beat change. Love when Erykah hits the high notes.  Third beat change – getting back to “out there” Erykah – man back in college I would have played this song a lot more.  Can she pull off an amazing end to this song?  it is getting pretty epic…the beat is definitely hitting is crescendo and Erykah is killing it.  I dunno if I play this whole song a lot – but cool last couple of seconds.

One listen – amazing amazing effort from Erykah – IF you are a fan of her past work there is no reason you won’t love this album.  If New Amerykah Part One and Part Two had been releases as a double album, it would have gotten serious consideration as one of my favorite double albums.

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  • Hi Ted! Thanks for stopping by Weblogbetter, by the way!
    I actually was a bit disappointed with this single that I'm hearing on the radio - it just sounds like the old - but your review has me a bit curious now. I think I'll take a listen on iTunes. I was a big Erykah Badu fan, but her last album sounded like she was just trying to hard to sound like she was still in the 70s - only problem - it ain't the 70s!
    Thanks for this great review!

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