Well I am not 100% sure when the actual date is, but can we all agree that summer is officially over?

I personally think that Labour Day is the end of the summer, but I know sometimes you can get a couple nice weekends after that. I am looking out my window right now and I have never been surer summer is over.

It has been straight up cold this week. The days are nice, but the night is freezing. Now I am not complaining at all. I love sleeping in the cool weather. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep on a hot humid night. At least when it is cold you can get under a big blanket and be comfortable. I am also in a house with two small dogs, so they add some heat whenever they venture under the covers. The bad part is in the summer when they still want to curl up beside you.

I think I have mentioned before that fall is my favourite season. I like the cool air moving in, things seems fresher. I like sweater weather too, it is more comfortable. It can get a little rainy in the fall here, but nothing compared to the spring time. I guess the leaves changing color are pretty interesting too. I know that may not seem manly, but we usually take a trip up to the Ottawa Valley (unrelated to the leaves) and the landscape with the changing leaves is pretty amazing.

The fall also seems like a good time to get things done, it feels transitional. Fall isn’t very long in these parts, so the whole atmosphere is a time of change. A short time of change, before we are bombarded with 11 and a half months of winter.

There is another bonus, the beginning of the end for bugs. I don’t know if they die or they go to sleep, and I do not care. All I know is that we will soon be bug free for the most part. No more flies buzzing around your face when you sleep. No more mosquitoes sucking your precious blood. No more spiders walking around like they own the place.

Fall also signals the beginning of Football season, which signals the end of another Blue Jay’s season. No offense to the fans, but I am really sick of the Blue Jays. Every year is the EXACT same thing. They are a mediocre team for a large part of the season and then at the end of the year they go on a tear and save managers and GM’s jobs. Have the media all excited about “next year”. Yeah well guess what next year is going to be like…you should guess because it has been the same thing as the past decade.

Enough ranting, I guess it is time to make sure I have my winter gear. I am pretty comfortable in the winter, just give me some boots, mitts and a hat…I am good to go. I could wear a sweater if I had all those other things in check.

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