First time…again.

Alright, so here it goes. My 3rd attempt at a regularly updated blog!

My past two attempts died out pretty quickly. I think maybe a total of 5 posts between both blogs.

What is going to be different this time?

Well, I am at a much different place right now than I was when I last attempted the blogs. I have made a goal for myself to write 500 words a day. I have been pretty good at that goal, but up until now all my writing was in a nice password protected file on my computer. If I missed a day or two…or 6, no one would be the wiser. Now if I miss any significant amounts of time, everyone who browses through here will know it. It is a forcing function for me, and I need all of those I can get.

For example, besides writing, I have certain goals I have set for myself regarding fitness. I am not in “game shape” as we hear so many sportswriters talk about. I am far from it actually. The good news is I am not sitting back and moaning about it. I have taken on a pretty aggressive training routine. This is where another “forcing function” came in. I talked about going to the gym for AGES. I was always too scared about looking like an idiot. I was scared that the really fit people would laugh at me. I was afraid of a lot of things. A lot of things, I didn’t really need to think or care about. So how do I force myself to take part? I just put up or shut up. Drop 250 bucks for 3 months of gym time and a trainer. Since I have done that, I have been going to the gym 5 days a week. EVERY single fear I had of going to the gym was erased in about 15 minutes of talking to my trainer.

This is why it is so important to just take a leap of faith sometimes. A lot like this blog actually. My good friend and founder of Ignite Your Essence – Justin Popovic, gave me the idea for this blog. Not only did he give me the idea for the blog, he made me accountable for it. He got me to mention it in our weekly newsletter and on Ignite’s homepage. I am now dialled in.

For the next undetermined amount of time, I will be sharing my thoughts here. I will talk about my goals. I might talk about the weather. I might even post works of fiction. I just have to make sure of one thing – that I write. I am definitely rusty, but I think the quality of writing will improve drastically and quickly, once I stick to my goal of 500 words a day. I hope in the future to even double that. Anyone who is reading this and taking part in my journey, I will try to be funny and entertaining. I’ll definitely make sure that my whiny days have a couple of jokes thrown in. I also won’t preach or post how-to articles here. This blog is about the quest of a normal everyday guy to develop himself into what he can be. Really, that should be anything I want.

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