Frank Ocean – Nostalgia,Ultra (REVIEW)

Alright, I am sitting here after cleaning my house, with tall boy of Red Stripe in hand, waiting for my people to get here.  As I cleaned I downloaded a new album…and was pleasantly surprised.

Y’all know lately that I have been touting the ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL collective.  I have featured songs by Tyler and Earl to be exact.  I love the energy they bring to rap music….well what about RnB?  Yeah RnB!  When I heard that Frank Ocean (OFWGKTA) was an RnB act, I was interested to hear the album.  Was wondering how the overall sound of the collective would transfer to RnB.

It was like nothing I expected.

A really great piece of music here, that you can listen to front to back.  Odd Future once again proves they are ridiculously talented, the production on this is like nothing else they have done.  It is a much more lush and organic sound IMO.  The album starts off with an incredible stretch of music…

Stawberry Swing and it’s throwback sound which is almost like a mix of Simon and Garfunkel meets RnB…I know that sounds crazy but it is. You might recognize it as a Coldplay remake.   Man I kept this track on repeat, until finally I let it play into Novacane – which was a little more current sounding.  Frank Ocean sounds great btw, a nice voice and he rides the beat on Novacane perfectly.  Right after Novacane comes We All Try – a real smooth beat layered with some nice acoustic guitars.  A really outstanding start to a great RnB album.  The album never really drops of either.

Songs for Women has a bassline right off a Sublime album and is hilarious.  Another stand out track is Swim Good – love the beat on this one.  Would love to see Tyler, Earl etc… get on this track. American Wedding is an out of the blue Hotel California remake. The album closes out with Nature Feels – an upbeat airy track, with an electronic feel to it.

I have liked a number of albums out of the OFWGKTA camp, but this RnB album is a real surprise and really solidifies in my mind that these guys are building something big.  The ability to craft a song like Tyler’s Yonkers, and then come back with this album is close to mind blowing for me.

I am sure with their meteoric rise in popularity there will be missteps and a LOT of hate.  But I have no doubt OFWGKTA is going to come out on top.   Talents like Tyler and Frank The Ocean (who can flat out sing and clearly knows how to craft a song) will make sure of that.

  • Erin Ashley

    great post.

  • While I'm not as keen on Odd Future as you, I can appreciate a unique style and the ability to cultivate an audience from something that is unfamiliar. This is my first time listening to Frank Ocean, and one spin through "strawberry swing" and I am already excited to hear more. Lastly, smooth album cover.

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