Freddie Gibbs: Str8 Killa EP Review

Really anticipated release here!  I have been waiting for this for ages.  Freddie Gibbs is a rapper out of Gary Indiana and he is ridiculously dope.  Got an amazing flow, great lyrics and can really paint a picture with his story telling tracks.

I have heard rumours of an Alchmeist produced EP which would be epic, this EP features a number of producers, but most notably the Blockbeataz out of Alabama.

I think Gibbs is my favorite up and comer.  He is right three with J. Cole IMO.  Hopefully this EP lives up to my high expectations.

1. Str8 Killa No Filla feat. Big Kill:
Yeah Blockbeataz!  This beat goes hard.  This song in general is hard as hell.  Pretty much what I expected from Gibbs and Blockbeataz.  This would be insane on a good system. Dunno if I am feeling this Big Kill dude….yeah not at all.

2. Rep 2 Tha Fullest feat. Jay Rock:
Another solid beat, and another unneeded guest appearance.  Jay Rock is better than Big Kill but when you have 8 tracks I want to hear Freddie Gibbs.

3. National Anthem:
I have herd this before and it is amazing.  Great song.  Freddie does a great job of painting a picture of his life in Gary.  Man he can FLOW!  He owns this beat, which is very good in it’s own right.

4. The Coldest feat. BJ The Coldest Kid: Really unique beat, and it allows Freddie to showcase his flow nicely. I like the hook too – some people won’t like the RnB feel of the hook – but it reminds me of some old Snoop hook.

5. Personal OG:
This has got to be Blockbeataz production.  They have mastered these smoked out style beats.  Plus I just heard a female “blockbeataz” voice as I typed the above.  This is a great Ep so far.

6. Live By The Game:
Another Blockbeatz beat and it sounds like fire so far. Yes!  Sorry the beat just kicked in and this is great.  This beat just puts me in a good mood – a great example of how sick Blockbeataz can be.  This will make the front page of my blog next update.  Gibbs kills it – just like he kills everything.

7. Rock Bottom feat Bun B:
Another great beat.  Freddie also kills it and adds a nice hook.  I like that he does a song with Bun B because that is who Gibbs reminds me of sometimes – a vintage top of the game Bun B.  Speaking of Bun B, he drops a great verse. I think Bun slipped lyrically for a while, but lately he has been back!

8. Oil Money feat. Chip Da Ripper, Chuck English, Bun B & Dan Auerbach:
Cool song – again I’d be happier with just Gibbs and maybe Bun B on this EP.  A lot of guests for such a short release.  That said another solid song – like every single one on this.  This song gets a huge boost because Gibbs shouted out the Saints owning Peyton manning in the Super Bowl 🙂

Great release!  I wonder if the people who said CNN was too street for me even know about Gibbs?  He is about 50x more street than CNN and *gasp* he actually produces sick music and can really rap. This is a very solid  EP, this has me highly anticipating his next full length release, or hell even the rumored Alchemist produced EP.  If you haven’t heard of Gibbs then check him out.  He is a breath of fresh air in the rap game.

You Can Check Out More Gibbs: Here

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