Free Beginners Back Linking Guide

Well it certainly isn’t news to most bloggers – but backlinks are the key to getting your site to the top of Google.

I whipped up this doc recently for an offline gig.  It was a very basic overview of how to get backlinks to your website.  This is probably not news to people who have been into SEO for awhile, but I would have liked to have this guide when I first started learning about backlinks.

This guide is just a rough introduction to building links to your site.  It touches on a number of different ways to get links.  I mentioned a number of methods, but obviously some are better than others.  For instance blog commenting and forum signatures are not my favourite type of backlink, however they can be powerful traffic generating tools if used right.

Anyways if you are new to world of search engines and want a quick overview, feel free to download it below.

Do whatever the hell you want with it by the way.

Right Click and Save as…

Free Back Linking Guide

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  • Great post. This is what bloggers should tackle on especially because most people don't know what back links are all about. The guide provided is the basic and you should enjoy how to build links to be on search engine's top result :)

  • Thanks for all the great SEO tips on your blog! Especially appreciated learning about back links here! Thanks for the download!!


  • Very good post keep going man

  • Back linking can really be helpful for people who are looking to have some SEO methods implemented for their sites to get some good ranking in the search engines.

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