Freeway And Jake One – The Stimulus Package Review


1. Stimulus Intro feat. Beanie Sigel –  Very soulful intro with some great horns.  The beat plays for half a minute and I have no complaints – great beat.  Even Free admits he was letting the beat breathe before he jumps on it.  Free still shouting out State Prop – loyal dude.  Beanie Sigel and Freeway trade some quick verses before the beat ends.  Tight Intro.

2.  Throw Your Hands U
p – This beat starts off kind of spacey and minimalist, then the beat really drops and it is oddly soulful in its own way.  I think it is the sample of choral singing.  Freeway sounds great over this – I like Freeways hooks usually and this is no exception.  A lot going on in this beat, some very slick production and a tasteful amount of scratching.  Some great name dropping of some classic hip-hop acts by Free as well.

3. One Foot In – 3 Songs in and so far I am loving the sound of this album.  This is a nice laid back beat, that has almost a pop feel to it…not enough to be offensive. Another solid hook, and a quick mention – Free is sounding great on this so far.  He isn’t forcing that flow, his flow is still unique but it seems a bit more mature here.

4. She makes Me Feel Alright
– Another cool vocal sample to start things off, then once again Jake One keeps the soulful/boom bap aspects in the beat, but still adds some life with an almost pop like feel to the beat.  A great feel good song.  Free sounds great and the sampled chorus is definitely singable.   Nice to hear a rapper talking about how a girl makes him feel great, instead of ANGRY.

5. Never Gonna Change
– Some Wu Tang like strings on this beat, definitely reminiscent of Wu Tang Forever.  This beat also has some absolutely eyelid snapping snares.  Great drums on hear, remind me of Black Milks.  I know I am sounding like a broken record – but great use of a vocal sample again by Jake One.  Freeway keeping the rhymes gully on this one – matches the beat perfectly.

6. One Thing feat. Raekwon
– And this beat drops with…a vocal sample.  Again jake One uses it well and sprinkles those great drums all over it.  Raekwon drops an OK verse, I think he takes another sot at Joe Budden.

7. Know What I Mean
– Great drums…check, Vocal Sample…check, Dope Beat…check.  Man Jake One is on fire.  He keeps it simple, vocal samples, scratching, great drums.  Freeway sounds great over this as well.  Perfect beat for his flow.  This is well on it’s way to being my favorite Freeway album.

8. The Product
– This reminds me of like a Cormega or AZ song from the late 90’s…real laid back beat but good stuff.  This might sound weird, but the piano keys sound like rain almost.  I found the hook corny at firt, but now that damn thing is stuck in my head.

9. Microphone Killa feat. Young Chris – A nice uptempo beat, real soulful, hard drums and a tasteful vocal sample.  Loooooooove Freeway over this beat.  What a great pairing. Damn!  The slight beat change on the chorus reminds me of Public Enemy.  Young Chris kills his verse.  Young Chris is very underrated.  People already sick of his “whisper” flow because Jay-Z stole it and killed it by overusing it. (Jay-Z is my fav rapper too, so please don’t angry about that comment, it is fact)

10. Follow My Moves feat. Birdman – Well so much for soulful vocal samples – Jake One flips the script with a NES sounding beat that is produced wonderfully.  Great use of programming on this beat, some great sounds, synths, drums and whatever the else used.  A Birdman verse…ehhhh PASS.

11. Sho’ Nuff feat. Bun B
– So yeah Jake One batting 1.000 right now. Another dope beat, with some awesome piano keys. Freeway sounds great as usual, seems like him and Jake One have a chemistry.  Cool hook, simple but effective.  Bun B with a nice verse – he really fell off for awhile but lately he is sounding like he is back.  Maybe not Riding DIrty Bun B – but close than he has been for awhile.

12. Freekin’ The Beat feat. Latoiya Williams – Reallllly laid back, smokey type of groove to this beat.  Latoiya Williams sounds great on the hook, she sings almost breathless, and it just matches the beat.  Free still shouting out his old Roc mates here.

13. Money feat. Omilio Sparks –
Alright someone test Jake One for Performance Enhancing Drugs right now.  Another dope beat – this dude isn’t doing anything groundbreaking here – but he is absolutely blessing Freeway with beats that are perfect for him.  Gotta give credit to Free for choosing these beats as well.

14. Free People
– Here comes another great vocal sample and very laid back beat.  I think it slightly reminds me of Song Cry by Jay-Z.  Great performance by Freeway here reflecting on the world and his life.

15. Stimulus Outro
– What else is there to say – this album finishes off as strong as it started.

So this is what you get when you pair up one producer and one MC.  The album sounds like an ALBUM, not a collection of singles.  It is cohesive and flows great.  Freeway had a really mature performance on this one, he didn’t really stretch his subject matter much beyond normal, but his flow is much less forced.  Jake One once again produces a gem of an album.  Really great performance by him on here, I think I like it better than his White Van Music.  I will definitely anticipate any Jake One projects in the future.

Off a couple listens this is my favorite Freeway album and I consider myself a fan of most of his albums. Great Stuff.

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  • i've heard the album and i think it's quite good not the best but sometimes i need to hear those music.

  • the stimulus package, alright. well i hope the album is as good as you wrote it. i expect a round sound an i'm pretty excited to listen to the bun b collabo. holla at the philly freeway!

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