Front Page Update: July 15th 2010

Hello All,

I know a lot of people visit my site directly through posts – and a lot never even see the homepage. Well I kept it simple on the homepage – basically just laying out links to my posts. I also added 3 unique features that I plan on updating every couple weeks (no set schedule or anything though). Anyways, said aspects are; The video, the music player and finally a quote.

This week’s/month’s/random time period’s video is G-Side: I’m Sorry. I have been one of the biggest G-Side supporters around.  They are an up and coming group out of Hunstville, Alabama.  They get great production and this song is no different.  S.T. (one member) is also a beast on the mic and one of my fav out right now. Make sure you give it a shot.

The music player has three songs (as usual):

Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z & John Legend – Free Mason: This is one of my favorite songs of the year so far.  A really great beat and Jay-Z drops one of his best verses in ages.  He addresses all the people out there who claim he is some high ranking Free Mason and satanist. “Bitch, I said I was a-mazing, not that I’m a Mason”

The Roots feat. Blu, Phonte and Patty Crash – The Day: One of the stand out tracks from the Roots latest album (which was great by the way).  I chose this one because it had Blu rapping on it and I love that dude.  Phonte also drops the singing to spit a verse, nice surprise. Patty Crash lends her unique voice to a super catchy hook and of course Black Thought kills it.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: I like mixing up my choices with one non rap song and this is it.  If you don’t know Sharon Jones you should!  She is bringing back that old soul sound and it is so authentic.  I often forget I’m listening to a contemporary artist when I hear her music.  Great throwback sound – and she can BLOW.  Great singing voice, very powerful.  I dare you to listen to this song and not enjoy it.  This is the type of song you BLAST after a break up.

I also changed the quote on the bottom of my page:

When the character of a man is not clear to you. Look at his friends.
-Japanese Proverb-

Saw this quote online and thought it was pretty interesting.  I also feel it is true.  I think you can get a good feel of someones character by looking at the company they keep.  It might not be 100% accurate, but it is a good barometer IMO.

You can check out the new additions HERE

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