Front Page Update – June 20 2010

Hello All,

I know a lot of people visit my site directly through posts – and a Lot never even see the homepage. Well I kept it simple on the homepage – basically just laying out links to my posts. I also added 3 unique features that I plan on updating every couple weeks (no set schedule or anything though). Anyways, said aspects are; The video, the music player and finally a quote.

This week’s/month’s/random time period’s video is Big K.R.I.T – Hometown Hero.  A great song off of what I believe is the best album of the year so far.  It isn’t his newest work but I find it is a song that catches everyone’s attention when they hear it.  Definitely check it out.

The music player has three songs (as usual):

Drake – 9 AM Freestyle: Pretty typical Drake song here, but he really sounds great on this beat.  He also has some good bars on this – I actually added this to his Thank Me Later as the first track…really fits.

Raheem DeVaughn feat. Damien Marley – Revelations: Not the newest song but to me this is as good as anything off the Nas/Damian album.  yeah, I know the sample has been done a million times – but I love Raheem’s singing on it – so soulful.  Damien kills it to – great subject matter btw.

Lupe feat. Alicia Keyes – Love Letter To The Beat: Alicia been all about the rap hooks these days.  She kills this hook – one of the best parts of the song.  Lupe obviously kills this – he is one of the top 5 rappers alive no doubt and I don’t remember the last time he had a verse I didn’t like.  The beat is courtesy of Chad Hugo (from Neptunes) and I think he does a great job – kind of a throwback beat. I wasn’t sure about it at first – but it just works.

Finally I changed the quote on the bottom of my page:

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.
-Ernest Hemingway-

This has always been a pretty funny quote to me and it is from one of the best author’s ever which adds to it’s value IMO.  I wonder how true it was in Hemingway’s case?  I bet not far off the mark.

You can check out the new additions HERE

  • Fag

    The appearance of your website music player is a great innovation, because the truth sometimes you want to be able to quickly and simply listen to the song.

  • Dogpenis

    I am waiting for Drinkin' Bone to be added to the music player.

  • Keep waiting LOL Although that song is a masterpiece.

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