Funny And Interesting Stories/Pics From The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The Olympics are always full of interesting stories and images.  I was just recently showing my friend a couple images that I found funny or interesting and thought they would make a good blog post and also maybe spark some conversation.

1.  Japanese Snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo was excluded from the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics for wearing this:


Now I would not want to disparage our Japanese friends, but this is really news worthy in their country?  Not JUST newsworthy, but front page news  full of indignant anger?  Dude looks very much like your average youth, I don’t find anything crazy or offensive about his appearance.  He looks like any number of guys you would regularly see on the ski hill.

Is the issue the loose tie?  The Untucked shirt?  The dreads?

I dunno call me crazy but the fact anyone can get mad because their snowboard athlete looks like a snowboarder is ridiculous.  Poor form Japan.  I haven’t been this disappointed in Japan since Astro Boy went off the air.

2. American Snowboarder Scotty Lago’s Olympic trip ends a bit early because of this:


I have heard rumours that Lago left the Olympic voluntarily after these pics surfaced, and I have also heard he was kicked out.  I think it is fairly safe to assume that if he hadn’t been kicked out he was given a strong suggestion to leave from the American Olympic Committee.

If that is the case I think that again it was a touch harsh.  On one hand these pics aren’t great to have popping up when the whole world is watching, but on the other hand – big deal.  An athlete who accomplished a great feat is blowing off some steam. Yeah it might be a little bit PG rated and a little demeaning to the girl in the pic, but I am not sure it is deserving of such anger and shock.

Young snowboarder acts a bit non conventional…whoa breaking news there.

3. Canadian Skeletonist (is THAT the word??) John Montgomery chugs a pitcher of beer on his way to CTV interview



Maybe it is coming but I have seen no backlash for this – and that’s how it should be!  Great moment and something I will probably remember forever.  Dude was chugging a pitcher of beer on his walk to a CTV interview.  He wasn’t fooling around either, he had the pitcher more than half done by the time he got to the CTV set.

Hilarious way to cap off a great gold medal victory.

Seems like Canada is a bit more relaxed than our Southern and Far Eastern neighbours.  They get overly emotional about a loose tie, and bronze medal kiss when their athletes decide to act like themselves and shelve the cliche ridden robot athlete role.

We embraced it.

  • I haven't had enough time to watch the Olympics lately, but when I browse different channels I finally got to watch it. It is really cool and I was really entertained just watching the freestyle skate boarders. They Rock!

  • I still hold a grudge with Japan for bringing us power rangers. I am not sure why they needed to boot their snowboarder but that means one less competitor for Canada ;)

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