Good evening ladies and germs

Yikes, another huge layoff. 4 days, and I have no excuses I probably had the chance to write on at least 3 of those days.

The one day I was too busy, I had a wedding to go to. It was actually really fun. There was a nice service, a nice dinner and a great reception.

One part struck home in a kind of personal way. The groom’s best man got up to do a speech, he quickly told the girls they looked beautiful and pretty much ended it there. It wasn’t an awkward moment or anything like that though, it was just his best man was a man of few words. I knew going into it, the speech would be quick.

It hit home for me because I am currently enlisted as a best man for a close friend. I knew right there I cannot be that guy. I found the short speech kind of fitting in this instance, but there is no way I want my speech to be anything like that.

I hate pubic speaking, reallllly hate it. It is funny because as a kid I loved stuff like that. Now I just loathe it. I think it will not be too bad in this instance though. Weddings are pretty big, but everyone in a wedding audience is going to be pretty laid back. They aren’t going to expect a 15 minute Dave Chapelle stand-up routine.

I am also going to make sure I prepare very well. I want to have a speech written months ahead, edited for those months and memorized. This will not only make for a much better speech it will make for a MUCH easier time for me. If I can feel confident that I am prepared I will be that much more at ease.

I think I can call on my years of elementary school public speaking prowess to get me through it.
I wonder where exactly I got turned off public speaking. I remember in Elementary school I was ALL about it. I have already mentioned my speech writing, but I also loved to do things like host talent shows and even had major parts in school plays.

I can’t even fathom doing anything like that now. I remember I didn’t do anything like that in High School though. I can’t think of any incident that would have put me off it, but I do know that it was much cooler to not care about stuff like that in high school. I know it is sad to say, but it is true.

I am not a high school hater though. I didn’t mind my time there at all. I know a couple people pretty who hated high school and that must be rough. When you are that age the years seem so long so hating 4 years of something would have felt like a decade. I was lucky to have enjoyed it for the most part. So I can’t really blame high school for my fear, maybe I can use this upcoming wedding to conquer it.

  • Carley S

    Short and sweet! Its the way to go! I loved that speech too!
    You are a great speaker will kill a best man speech!

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