Happy Born Day Trevor

Due to a huge demand – I am using my blog to wish my baby brother Trevor Happy Birthday.  The people wanted it and the people got it.  Of course the people also wanted a toilet seat feature so take it for what it is worth.

I really don’t know what to say about him.

  1. He is my brother…clearly he looks up to me for my wisdom and guidance.  Kind of like a puppy dog really.
  2. He has a pretty hot girlfriend…although I think she has feelings for me.
  3. He is beloved by old newfie women. Seriously I think he could have any one he wanted on the entire island.
  4. He is almost as good as me at video games.
  5. He is my best friend.
  6. He thinks he can beat me up but I constantly pwn him.
  7. He is going to be a kick ass real estate agent – so don’t sell your house until he is certified.

Trevor’s All Time Favourite Song

A Trevor Payne Picture Gallery

Well here is your birthday blog wee one. I am doing this on a wireless connection that is dial up speed so the fact I could create a picture gallery is legendary.

Have a great birthday!  Soon we will hang out and do the stuff that we do.

Linda be extra nice to him today.

Shannon I am supposed to remind you that Trevor gets 2 hours with your new puppy.

  • That is such a cute birthday blog post for your dearly beloved brother. I enjoyed the enumerated things you appreciate about him, if someone posted a post like that for me. I would ask for a mass here in Los Angeles.

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