He shoots, He scores

Anyone else find last night kind of heart breaking?

I think you have to be a Toronto Maple Leaf fan to get it though.

Mats Sundin played his first game NOT wearing the blue and white in 13 seasons. I remember naively thinking that I would never see the day.

I was a HUGE Mats Sundin fan. I might have been the biggest Sundin fan I knew. I often called him my “favourite ATHLETE of ALL TIME.” That includes all athletes and all sports. I ranked him ahead of the dominating and hilarious Shaquille O’Neal. I ranked him ahead of Manny “High Five A Kid in The Stands” Ramirez. I ranked him ahead of all the greats…Gretzky, Jordan, Bonds (yeah I said it). I even ranked him ahead of the best Running Back of all time…Barry Sanders (yeah I said that too).

I knew he might not have been as talented as those guys mentioned, but being the captain of The Leafs made up the difference.

I remember when I was in High School Mats Sundin was not very popular. I defended him tirelessly to my schoolmates. He just couldn’t live up to Doug Gilmour in people’s eyes. Never mind the fact that Sundin was more consistent and got the Leafs to the exact same place Gilmour did (Conference Finals…2x).

To sum it up, I loved Sundin.

Then last year comes, the Leafs have a trade on the table to net themselves some prospects and draft picks by trading Sundin. He didn’t waive his no trade contest. He got a lot of flack, but I STILL defended him. After all, it was his right since he had a no trade clause. I also thought the Leafs management handled the whole situation poorly.

I also believed Sundin wanted to retire a Toronto Maple Leaf. What a naive fool I was.

As of last night Sundin is officially playing in the NHL again….for Vancouver. Yeah, Montreal or Ottawa would have been soul crushing destinations, but Vancouver is a good swift kick in the sack as well.

It was just plain weird to see Sundin play for another team. He didn’t look great but Sundin is Sundin. He will end up averaging about a point a game the rest of the season. He will be an offensive force and will make Vancouver a much better team.

That’s what he does.

Still sucks though. 🙁

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