Headway 1.7 – First Impressions

Headway Themes — Is Your Website Making Headway?

Headway has released it’s 1.7 beta.  I had to try it out instantly!  I am very excited about this release and judging from my quick glance this is going to be great.  If Headway wasn’t a no brainer before, it might be now!  Let’s dive right into it…

1. Visual Editor is Quicker
– Right away I noticed the visual editor loaded faster and was significantly quicker while navigating within it.  it is clear the Headway developers have been busy optimizing the code for the 1.7 release.

2. Notification
– Second thing I noticed was right at the top of visual editor it shows what page you are editing (i.e. Blog Index).  This will be handy since so many pages etc… have similar layouts.  One quick look and you will know what you are doing.

3. Styles – There are now 4 default styles to choose from.  For people who want to get a site up quick and painlessly this will be a big help.  Still easy to upload or export your own as well.

4. Columns – Amazing addition here.  You can now spilt your page into columns!  This is perfect for magazine style layouts.  I think when this Beta is officially released I will be updating my own blog.  A lot of people had problems lining up leafs, and this takes the stress out of it.  Really exciting addition.

5. Header Options
– A couple great options added here.  First off you can simply click a radial button to add a search from to your navigation!  This  was done with a hack previously and wasn’t exactly easy to accomplish.  Now you just click a button!  As well, there is another button to click to add a tasteful “Subscribe to RSS” link at the top right of your header.  It is these kind of details that make me very excited about where this theme will continue to go.

6. Site Dimensions
– A lot of really great changes here.  Now you can control the padding of the wrapper AND leafs by just using a slider button.  The addition of the easy to use Leaf padding settings is a huge one and addresses an issue that is prevalent on the support forums. Another added bonus is that you can now add rounded corners to your leafs AND wrapper. Really updates the look of headway designs in my opinion.

7. Leaf Templates
– Yay!  Remember how in past Headways you linked pages and then couldn’t edit them.  This deals with that.  Now you can set a leaf template, save it and you can apply it to any page you want.  This is better than the “default leafs” setting because you can save multiple templates and use them over on your site.

I haven’t even looked inside the Headway’s back office yet but I am sure there are more goodies there.  These changes, along with promises of cleaner code and less plugin compatibility issues have me super excited.  headway continues to prove they are a progressive company that listens to their customers needs.  I can’t imagine what they have in store for the future, but I am sure it will be great!

Headway Themes — Is Your Website Making Headway?

  • stevekennedy

    Thanks for the great review!

  • Thanks Steve - this was just after a quick glance...the BETA is even cooler when you get a chance to use it for awhile. The 2nd version of the Beta was released and it gave me the chance to try the new "Auto Upgrade".. It worked perfectly - quick and easy.

  • Dave Porter

    Thanks for the review...

    I thinks item 3 needs an edit !
    <quote>3. Styles - There are no 4 default styles to choose from. </quote>

    cheers Dave

  • haha When this comment got mailed to me I thought it was you telling me there was "no 4 styles to choose from". I rushed here to frantically type in my response then noticed it was my own typo. LOL

    Thanks man!

  • Great review, thanks! I've been testing with the Alpha, and now the beta, and I have to say, I nearly peed my pants with excitement. I mean, that's pretty easy for me - I've had two kids - but REGARDLESS! Amazing update.

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