Heir Canada

Heir Canada?

Has anyone been following the NBA Summer League?

Just kidding – I know the answer.  Of course not, only sports nerds follow stuff like that.

Well I am what I am.

This off season has been a very big one for the Toronto Raptors so the summer league this year is especially interesting.  Like most summer league rosters, the Raptor’s team is full of fringe NBAers, dudes who will never make the league and of course the interesting part – young 1st and 2nd year talent.

The Raptors have made a lot of moves this off season.  They addressed some weak spots on their team (like SF and back up PG if the Jarrett Jack deal goes through) and added a legit all star in Turkoglu.  The biggest glaring need on the team is a Shooting Guard.  With their left over money they will sign a passable 2 guard but it will still be a weak spot.


Their draft pick from this year DeMar Derozan pans out.  He could be the key to the Raptors winning a playoff round or the Raps not making the playoffs.  So far in Summer League he has looked great, he got off to a shaky start but he finished off the summer league schedule with back to back 20 point games.

His jump shot was seriously questioned but so far his mid range game has looked good.  he isn’t a real behind the arc threat – but he can learn that.  His big plus side is his athleticism.  He can jump out of the arena and has had a number of nice dunks thus far.

There hasn’t been a Raps draft pick with this kind of dunking ability since…*queue Darth Vader music* Vince Carter.  The comparisons have been made since draft day.  They are growing every time Derozan has a highlight reel dunk.

There is even a nickname floating around – “Heir Canada”.  Obviously this is a homage to Vince’s days as Air Canada.  I am not too huge on this nickname, I think it puts a lot of pressure on Derozan.  Too much pressure.  It also brings up too many bad memories.

I think it is time that Toronto forgets about Vince in my opinion.  The parting of ways was ugly but it was years ago.  This new nickname just keeps the fires of hate burning.

The Vince haters might hate to hear this but the best thing that could happen for Toronto is if DeRozan lives up to the Vince comparisons…at least ON the court.

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