Hiatus Over

Yikes, a bit of a hiatus there.

I have no real excuse either. I have been spending a lot of time working on a couple of websites, but I could have easily found the 20 or so minutes it takes me to fire out 500 words.

I am not going to lie; a couple of my posts are probably more like 478 words. It is like baseball though, as long as the 2nd baseman is real close to the bag, he doesn’t actually have to touch it…right?

I am sure baseball stat gurus all over the place are ready to dispute that fact. I apologize I am more of a football fan than a baseball fan. I would probably rank baseball somewhere around water polo or Olympic handball on my pyramid of favourite sports.

I had a very fun Saturday this weekend. I went up to a friend’s house for a birthday bash. It was my first time seeing their new house; I really should have gone before this. The house was great, the party was great and even the morning after wasn’t too bad.

I was actually grilled on if I was going to give a shout out the party and its revellers in the blog. I said i would, so here it is. I won’t mention everyone’s names but I do have to mention happy birthday to the birthday girls – Shannon, Pam and Carley.

I believe I told Carley I would dedicate 500 words to her. Well I guess I lied, you did get a mention though so please don’t hurt me. Carley is very tough and slightly dangerous.

I am hoping that a good paragraph will help me avoid any future beatings at her hands. Going to be honest here, don’t know if there is an E in her name, and Facebook login is down so I can’t check that. I am going with the E though.
I would guess that is about 50 words dedicated to Carley. That is 10% of my entire word quota. I am sure she will be able to live with that kind of ratio.

One of the most awesome things about going to the birthday party was the dude Dozer. Dozer is Shannon (birthday girl) and Derek’s (Mr. Birthday girl) dog. He is an English bulldog and he clearly likes me better than his owners.

I actually remember him coming out of his warm bed in the middle of the night to visit me on the couch. Now some cynics might say that it was only because I knocked a box of pizza down with my feet. I don’t think so though – he was clearly walking right towards me…until he saw the pizza of course.

Well I am going to wind this down now; I have got to be in that 500 word range. Hopefully I can finish November off with a flourish, because blog wise it has been a pretty lame month. December is my month though I can feel it. What else will I have to do when I am snowed in?

  • Carley S

    Thanks for the shout out!

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