Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead…Right?


I have mentioned it on here many times – but rap music isn’t dead.

The demise of rap music has been predicted since about 13 seconds after the birth of rap music.  It had been called a fad with no staying power.  Obviously time and record sales have prove that wrong.

Now people are on the rap is dead bandwagon because they see some drastic drop in the quality of music.  Well they are also wrong.  It is easy to think this way, when I grew up acts like Outkast, Wu-Tang, Biggie and Tupac were not only extremely talented they were huge commercial successes.  Now the huge commercial rap artists are usually not my cup of tea.

Thank god for the internet – never has there been such a great selection of music at your finger tips.  With falling record sales, rap music has lost a bit of it’s commercial expectations.  What does that mean?  Well it means that rap artists are free to experiment again.  I would even go as far as saying the past few years have been a renaissance for rap music.  A lot of quality music coming out, that unfortunately most older rap fans don’t see.

That is where I come in – I whipped up a compilation of 3 new rappers that I feel are great.  If you are looking for positive, feel good rap – this isn’t the mix for you.  These guys rap about their lives and rap about things that are not very family friendly.  There is cursing, sexuality and violence.  If that isn’t your thing please do not download this mix.

Featured on this volume are: Big K.R.I.T, Pill and Freddie Gibbs.

I am not going to give you their bio or anything, if you want to know more – listen to them rap.  They aren’t the type of guys to hold much back.

This mix is properly tagged!  This might not mean much to you but if you have ever dropped an album into itunes or ipod you know how important proper tagging is.  Below is the front and back cover as well, I whipped it up super quick so don’t expect miracles :p

**NOTE 2**
The download is completely free, no catches.  I only ask that if you DL the album you sent the link to this post on to your friends or anyone who may like it.  Also if I get beat up by the entourages of these rappers for putting this mix out – pls send flowers.



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