Hip Hop: We Got You


I spend a lot of time defending the current rap scene. Not just on here, but in everyday conversations as well. I stand by my position that there is still great rap music being played, it is just harder to find. Even that is relative though.

Yes, the most popular main stream rap nowadays is significantly worse than the REAL Golden Age (1994-1997), but with the internet around it is actually easier to find great music if you know where to look.

I took the time to whip up a quick compilation of some current rap artists you might not know yet. You probably will recognize some names, but if you aren’t a big rap fan I am certain one or two names will be foreign to you. The mixtape is just a quick ten songs, that I had on my current hard drive. Not a lot of thought went into it – just had to be new and good.

If I had my other hard drive at my disposal it would have probably been longer and better. As it stands now I think it is a good introduction to the new face of hip-hop. I made sure to take all these songs from artist released mixtapes so that I wasn’t taking any money away from them. I think I did an OK job of that. I would label this as a “sampler” anyways, and any artist should appreciate the free exposure. I am certainly not making any money off of it.

This mixtape is probably not child friendly. It is also a very eclectic mix of rap – it isn’t all socially conscious or political. It is a mix of commercial appeal, street appeal and some newer trendy rap even.

Here is the tracklisting:

  • BoB – Generation Lost
  • Big KRIT – Hometown hero
  • Brother Ali – Us
  • Freddie Gibbs – What It Be Like
  • J. Cole – I Get Up
  • Kid Daytona – Air Born
  • Tyga – Cali Love
  • G-Side – No One Does It Betta
  • Slaughterhouse- Sound Off
  • Drake – November 18th

Feel free to download and if you like it – send the link out to anyone you want. If you really like an artists work – learn more about them and support them with an actual purchase!

Download Here

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