How Much Time Do You Waste Worrying?

How much time do you spend worrying? I am curious about the answer. I know it is impossible not to worry at all. We all have worries. I am talking specifically about things you can’t control. Of course you worry about your kids if they are sick. The problem is when you worry about things that you have no direct control over. The recent oil spill disaster is a perfect example. I can’t fix the problem, I can’t stop the oil – so why do I worry about it? I used to worry quite a bit about things like that and of course my worrying had no positive effect except to upset me and waste my time.

How much time can you waste worrying? Well I actually took the time to break it down. I estimated that I worried about three minutes per day. Not a huge number, and it didn’t effect me on a day to day basis. It did however often happen in the middle of tasks, so it was a bit annoying.

What does three minutes a day really cost you though? Can’t be much right? Is there a tangible reason people should worry less? Well in one week, it already adds up to 21 minutes. I can write an article in 21 minutes. I can write a blog post. I can do paying freelance work with that time. I can build 3-4 high quality backlinks to my websites. That is tangible evidence of what I am missing out on due to worrying.

What about 3 minutes a day for a month? That works out to about 90 minutes. A whole hour and a half. I could do a great work out in that time. I could walk my dogs. I could fix and eat lunch. I could even watch a movie. 90 minutes is 40 blog comments I could make. I could create dozens of backlinks.

Let’s kick it up to the next level…3 minutes a day for a year! That works out to 1095 minutes! That is more than 18 hours. I used to blow 18 hours a year just worrying about things that I can’t change. Imagine everything you could accomplish in 18 hours. If someone came up to you right now and magically granted you a free 18 hours – I am SURE you could think of some things to do.

The numbers just keep getting more ridiculous the longer time period you look at. There is no sense worrying about things that don’t directly effect you. Next time you find yourself worrying about something ask yourself what you can do about it. If you can do something, then by all means do it! Address your worry with action! If you can’t do anything about it though, let it go. Wasting your time worrying is not only unhealthy, it will literally steal hours away from you every year.

  • We all need to take a lesson from Alfred E Neuman!

  • Wow. When you do the math like that it kind of blows the mind to realize how easy it is to waste time. I worry too but it is way better than it used to be. I think I am too busy to worry most of the time LOL.

    I can apply this same thinking to so many other areas. For example, I probably waste a good 45 minutes a day on the internet being unproductive. Scary numbers when you start compounding considering I could be spending that time with my kids.

    Great eye opener.

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