I like it Hot.

I am a fan of spicy food.

Now the idea of spicy food is pretty subjective. My sister finds black pepper too spicy. Most people I know around my age like a little bit of spice – like Frank’s Red Hot, Tobasco or Sirachi sauce.

That stuff is pretty weak in my opinion. I have to use so much of that stuff that the flavour overpowers the food I am eating so it isn’t worth it.

I need to kick it up a notch. Frank’s and Tobasco are made from Cayenne peppers – those peppers simply aren’t hot enough IMO. For flavour with a little more heat I like to at least go with a habanero sauce. Some of my favourite Habanero sauces are Matouk’s Flambeau and Marie Sharps Fiery Hot Habanero. They are hot to me – probably really hot to most but they aren’t so hot that I can’t dip my food directly into it.

Now for a long time the only way to get hotter than a Habanero sauce was to get a sauce made from pepper extract. This is when things get crazy. I have tried a couple of these. I dipped some chicken into a sauce called “Endorphin Rush” once and it was bad. I know a couple guys who don’t bat an eye at it but I was in pain for a good 20 minutes. I have also tried “Mad Dog 22” which was ridiculously hot…UGH..I didn’t even dip my food directly in it (the bottle warns not to, but the two guys I mentioned before of course tried) and it was still the hottest thing I have eaten in my life. A half a teaspoon into a full bowl of chili was HOT.

I have also eaten a couple Armageddon Wings from Duffs – they claim no pepper extract is used but I am not sure – they are VERY hot as well.

Anyways, now there is a level between Habanero and Pepper Extract. The fabled Bhut Jolokia pepper from India – also known as the “ghost pepper” is becoming quite popular. It is a pepper that is about 2x as hot as a red savina habanero. I recently purchased a sauce called “The Ghost” and it is perfect. it blends the heat of an extract with the full bodied taste of actual pepper. It is easily one of the best sauces I have tried.

So if you like hot sauce and care about flavour as well as heat – I suggest checking out the “Ghost Pepper” sauces out there. They are a great combination of blazing heat and full flavour.

***Ghost Pepper Sauces are EXTREMELY hot if you want to try it try a TINY dab. Taste The 4th Sense in Toronto allows you to sample all their sauces***

  • I am not a big fan of hot food items, however some things with just a slight bite to them like chili, sausage, etc are usually pretty good to me :)

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