I live TV

Alright maybe I don’t live TV but do any of you ever get into a TV show so much that it kind of effects your behaviour, or at the very least your thinking process.

I know some of you might be thinking “no, not at all weirdo” but you might just not realize it. Remember when the Dave Chapelle show was HUGE? Everyone was walking around quoting that show – to the point it got annoying. That is the kind of stuff I am talking about. To this very day whenever someone mentions their couch in my mind I think “F*** yo’ couch n****”

That is the power of TV.

I have been really busy working on the first of our Ontario directories. It doesn’t leave me a lot of time for TV – most of the TV shows I used to watch I have lost track of. I mean I usually time my lunch to coincide with the Showcase Showdown on Price is Right but that is about it.

BUT there is hope out there for us TV deprived – DVDs and PVRs. With this technology we can watch all our old shows – commercial free. Right now I am watching the Urban Crime Drama – The Wire. Very few shows have ever hooked me like this one. It is an HBO show and so of course it is quality, gritty and full of f-bombs. I don’t know exactly why but it has me HOOKED.

It is basically about drug dealers and the cops chasing them. The thing is it supposedly takes a realistic look at the situation so the cops aren’t all great guys, and the drug dealers aren’t all bad. That is where it gets confusing. I should cheer for the cops but there are some cops I hate – and that leads me to situations where I cheer for the bad guys. Not only do I sometimes cheer for them but the way they handle situations creeps into my daily life.

Today someone told me that we were “making waves” in the local community because we started this online directory. Other lesser…WAY LESSER directories were angered that we DARE try to move in on their territory. So how do we deal with this? Well in the real world we continue to offer a better value and beat them that way. Maybe we talk to them and explain there is room for all of us….


That is not The Wire way. My vote is we jump in an all black lincoln navigator, windows tinted and we roll to their corner with the heat son! We don’t share corners..we take them!

Then reality sets in and I realize that one of the earlier options is the best route. Would Avon Barksdale do it that way? Nah probably not – but this is Orangeville…not West Baltimore.

Oh yeah one last thing – Wire’s most interesting character: Omar (no last name) – He is a gay thug who robs the drug dealers and distributes the drugs to addicts while giving the money to the community. No I am not making that up.

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