I Might Hate You…

I might hate you if…

  • You say “no offense but”…then go on to offend me.
  • You heat your house to like 30 degrees Celsius or if you let your house drop to 10 degrees.  Ever hear of “room temperature”?
  • You haven’t seen me in years and this is how our convo goes:

Hey how’s it going?  Whats new?
Oh You know, just working
Ahhh right on
*awkward silence*

  • You point out I am just mouthing happy birthday.  Why do you care? It isn’t your birthday.
  • You call me ANY variation of “big guy” (Brad Gosse knows whats up)
  • You ONLY listen to top 40 radio
  • You put raisins in your stuffing.  WTF.
  • You hate dogs
  • You are a fanboy of a particular video game system.  Or as my friend Linder calls it “game station”
  • You call me and expect me to carry the phone conversation.  Seriously  if there is 5+ seconds of dead air on the phone, I should be able to hang up
  • You still say “rap is crap”

I think that is enough reasons to hate now…it is the holiday season after all.

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