Identity Theft

It is official, starting a new weight lifting routine on Monday.

Moving from a two day split to a three day.

The three day split will allow me to focus more on specific muscle groups. Since I began I have been rotating 2 days. One day would be Back, Biceps, Quads and Hamstrings, and the other day would be Chest, triceps and shoulders.

The new routine will be chest and back one day. Day 2 will consist of legs (using a lot of combo exercises like squats that work hams and quads [and other muscles] at same time). Finally, the third day will be arms and shoulders.

I think this will be a pretty good rotation. I am a little worried to be honest, I am sure I will be in some serious pain after I start this. I am also going to pick up the cardio. I hate cardio, but I think it will help my overall fitness levels. If I was purely working on building muscle, I would probably just do enough cardio to get my heart rate up before a workout. I am trying to lose weight though, so 20 minutes of cardio before a workout won’t kill me.

I developed my new routine with the help of a trainer at the gym, an “internet” connection who is actually a professional wrestler and this website:

That is a direct link to their exercise directory. The site offers more than that though. It offers templates for beginners all the way to serious lifters.

I like it because each exercise has an animated gif showing how to do it and they break all exercises down by targeted muscle and device used (barbell, dumbbell, machine etc…) It is definitely worth a quick look if you are just getting into working out.

Now for a change of subject, my brother had his identity stolen. That might be an exaggeration, but he did have the info on two bank cards stolen. One account was being used to cash fraudulent cheques. The bank knew pretty quickly something was up because he rarely used that account.

Then, just today he got a call from a bank that he uses more often and it has also been compromised. The bad thing about this one is that they drained his bank account, JUST before the bank put a hold on the account.

I feel for him, but I think he will get his money back. It is pretty scary to know stuff like that can happen. Of course I have heard about this kind of scam, and it is so clichéd to say this but it doesn’t really sink in until it happens to you or someone you know.
I guess you just have to do the best to stay aware and safe. Like for instance, I should probably change my debit password that has been the same for, oh 13 years.

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