I’m Back

The blog is not dead!

If I have any regular readers, you might think so.

I have actually had some technical difficulties. I lost my high speed modem last Tuesday. What a devastating loss.

Computers have been around long before the internet, but I will admit they are nothing more than a giant paper weight without the net these days. I could write, and that was about it. There was nothing else enjoyable to do on the computer. I played a couple games of hearts, one game of solitaire and then got destroyed by the computer when I played Chess…on the beginner level. I couldn’t even Google “chess hints” for a helping hand.

I can’t even count the times that I clicked on the internet explorer icon only to be brought back to reality by the error page. It hurt me.

I remember when I was younger, I loved computers. I could find something to keep me busy NO problem. I am much too hooked on the internet now though. I never buy games for my computers anymore. Before the internet I would have a nice collection. Now if I am bored – I look up something on the net, go to a message board, read sports news or find some flash game to keep my attention for 10 minutes.

I am completely spoiled by the net. I think one of my favourite uses is to end arguments. I tried telling my brother that Stacey Dash (minor celeb) was over 40 years old, he wasn’t hearing it. In the ancient past, before internet, this argument would have raged on for weeks. We would probably have had to settle it by a fierce paper-rock-scissors match, or some feat of strength. The results might not have been accurate, but we would have felt the discussion settled. Now we simply ask our old friends Google or Wikipedia. Now our arguments are settled quickly and definitively, with no holes in the wall. Losing that ability to end arguments was a big loss, especially in my household. My Mother and I spent those dark days without the internet arguing about how low the lawnmower should be set. A quick visit to Google has since proven we were both wrong.

I now have the net back, obviously. I will be updating this blog a bit quicker for the next little while. I was writing during my net hiatus, but it will take a bit to get that stuff blog ready. There is a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar stuff to work out. I also want to make sure the content is suitable for posting.

So yeah, I am back. Keep checking out the blog to hear about my gym trips and my other personal development goals. I’ll also try and mention anything exciting that’s going on with Ignite Your Essence and Justin in general.

By the way, if you are a newsletter subscriber and have any suggestion on content or topics, hit me up with a comment here or an email to ted@igniteyouressence.com . If you have anything you want to contribute – a story, poem, article feel free to send it my way. Thanks in advance.

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