Inappropriate Laughter

I have a certain quirk that gets me in trouble sometimes.

I MAY the odd time, laugh at inappropriate times.  I can not control it.  It doesn’t even have to be something necessarily funny!

First thing is people falling down – that will never not be funny to me. I truly wish I was one of those people who could wait until they see if the person is OK first, but sometimes it is not in me to do that.

If someone slips in a normal manner, I can probably hold off laughing until I see if they are alright. But if someone falls in a comedic fashion, cue the laugh track.  In my opinion, a comedic fall includes such extras as

  • A “whooop” noise coming form the person.
  • If someone predicts their fall with a line like “Whoa, this is a bit slippery.”
  • If a person is in total mid air for any part of the fall.
If someone gets the “speed wobbles” on a bike before falling.
  • God forbid someone almost falls, catches themselves and then falls anyways – I’m done when that happens.

Basically, any fall or slip with a little extra, is doom for me.  I am not even laughing because of the humour in the fall, it is just a nervous reaction.

A good example is another inappropriate time I laugh – when dealing with Police.  Oh man, this has caused me no end of trouble.  I am very rarely in direct contact with the Police.  I am human though, so have been pulled over, or stopped under suspicion when I was a teen out late at night.  Do you know how hard it is to convince a police officer that you are sober when you can’t stop laughing?  Guess what – it is hard. Thankfully breathalyzers do not lie.  On a related note, when your friends are pulled over and you can’t stop laughing – it is really awkward to try to explain to them why.

My last inappropriate instance of laughter is when someone gets scared.  A person freaking out over a bug flying near them – amazingly hilarious to me. A person creeped out by noises while camping – equally hilarious.

The ultimate though is someone being startled – nothing makes me laugh more than that.  I don’t even think that in itself is inappropriate, but what is – is when I hide around corners JUST to startle people.

I find it hilarious.  The victims – maybe not as much as me.

I like to think of my laughter as a nervous quirk though – it is never mean spirited….well maybe except for hiding around corners.  But hey, who is perfect?

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