Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

It was a really nice day today.

On really nice, sunny and cools days, I always comment about how I would like everyday to be that exact weather. Obviously I know that everyday can’t be sunny, cool and rain free. But if i suspend my belief for awhile I can definitely picture living that type of weather every day. Some people would probably get sick of it, not me.

Today was a nice day to work out as well. The gym I go to isn’t air conditioned, at least not right now. It can get pretty uncomfortable in there on humid days. In a weir d way though, working out in that uncomfortable weather is more rewarding. When you are drenched in sweat and feeling like crap, it makes you feel like you really accomplished something.

Don’t get me wrong though, I appreciate the cooler days. It reduces my dread of going to the gym. I have been going now for about a month – 5 times a week. I can’t notice a difference if I look in a mirror. I definitely notice a strength gain though, as well as some muscle growth. My arms are beginning to get a slight shape to them. From gelatinous blobs protruding from my torso, into an almost arm like shape.

I also notice a lot more energy and less soreness. Yes I said LESS soreness. Now I am slightly sore everyday from working out, I am always a little stiff. It isn’t anything major though. I have a long history of some pretty severe back pain. Since I have been working out, my back has been feeling significantly better. I also used to get some serious cramps in my legs at night. Usually just the calves, but also higher, up to the thigh area. These sucked! They usually required me to jump out of bed and walk around, or contort my body into weird positions. Since I have been working out it has struck me only once, and I was able to “shake” it out.

I was really scared about those leg cramps when I started working out. I made sure to stretch before and after each leg exercise. I thought that working those muscles so much would cause them to be sore or cramp up more, but it has been a blessing. Strengthening my leg muscles has pretty much gotten rid of those nasty cramps.

The real test will be the winter. The cold air always kills my leg muscles. I usually get pretty inactive in the winter. This winter was a little odd because I was shovelling the end of my driveway, what seemed like, daily. Usually though I really shut myself in during winter. This year will be significantly different though – I will be able to go into a nice warm gym, escape the elements and do my work out.

I will enjoy my next 2 days off from the gym, I won’t lie. It is getting to the point though, that I almost miss the gym in a way when I don’t go. I am thinking about hitting it up the odd Saturday or Sunday. Especially ones where I am not doing anything.

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