Is Chris Bosh Leaving? Should He?

I hear a lot of rumours in the sports world about Chris Bosh.  A lot of talk is leaning towards Bosh leaving Toronto.  I think the chance of him leaving are pretty good.  I don’t know if it is inevitable, but it is starting to look that way. It is a pretty sad thought, and the end of an era if so.  It is hard to imagine this team without their most vocal, aggressive and talented player.  They were a ninth seed <emphasis>with</emphasis> him.

When you really think about it though – is there a silver lining to getting rid of Bosh?  Can letting your best player walk away be a good move?  There might be if you think about the good ol’:

Sign and Trade

Now, no team is going to give you a ton of value in this situation.  People know Bosh is leaving, and a sign and trade is just to ensure Bosh can get his desired contract.  There could be some value though, since this is the only way a team with no cap room could sign a guy like Bosh.  A first rounder isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, even a young player or two. There is some hidden value though.:

What if you could hook the horrible contract of Turkoglu to the deal?

Is that maybe even better for the Raptors than Bosh staying? Would any team even think about it?

I will answer the latter first.  I am not sure if a team would but I heard rumours today that Houston is very interested in Bosh and taking on Hedo is a subject that has been brought up.  It sounds a bit crazy, but not so crazy people aren’t discussing it.

Is that better than Bosh staying?  Maybe it is.  Here is the issue:  If Bosh signs with Toronto it will almost surely be a max deal.  That means…

Bosh @ MAX
Hedo @ 10
Bargs @ 8
Calderon @ 9
Jack and Banks @ 5/each

That doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.  The biggest problem is up top.  I am not sold on Bosh being a max guy.  I know it may sound crazy but to me Carmelo, LeBron, and Wade are on another level than Bosh.  That is just my opinion though.

What isn’t arguable is that Calderon, Bargnani and Hedo are all getting starting money – and all three of them can not start at once.  Unless there are some serious improvements in defence…you are not going to be a threat with these three guys all starting.  Last season was a great illustration of that. Maybe LeBron James could win with those three guys but I don’t think Bosh can.

If Toronto could somehow land a all star SG, then maybe things are different.  That in itself is another problem – The Raptors with a maxxed out Bosh wouldn’t have a lot of cap space.  How do they get better?  Will there be enough progression within the team?  Can you get lucky in the draft?  Can you make a trade?  Are Bargnani or Hedo tradable with those back end loaded deals?

I think if you can get a team to take Hedo off your hands in a sign and trade for Bosh – you do it.  Losing Bosh hurts, but at least if he takes Hedo with him you have a lot more flexibility when you rebuild – and I think this is a team that has to.

I will admit that my plan gives up on any hope of immediate success in Toronto.  If you believe that keeping Bosh could lead to a deep playoff run in a year or two – then you will hate my plan.  I don’t believe the Raptors are that close.

I watched the New Orleans Saints win the SuperBowl this year after suffering through a lot of bad seasons.  One thing about bad seasons is that you get rewarded.  A couple high draft picks made some significant plays for the Saints (notably Will Smith, Tracy Porter and Reggie Bush).

Basketball is different than football – no doubt.  But in basketball sometimes it just takes ONE guy.  Look at the Thunder – I love Westbrook, Green, Harden and Ibaka…but what a difference that one high draft pick – Kevin Durant – makes on that team.

Not to mention – Harden, Westbrook and Green were all 1st round picks themselves…and from not that long ago.

If Bosh can take Hedo with him, maybe it is time to part ways.  It is gonna suck for awhile…but it sucked for the Thunder/Sonics for awhile too.  There are not many guarantees in the draft, but you pick high enough long enough and maybe you get the next Durant.  I could live with that.

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