Is Crab Revenge For Real?

Is this for real?  What do you guys think?  I instantly thought it was just some viral campaign…but the google checkout seems legit.  Now it could be a huge scam..but I am not sure.

How can it be legal to give someone crabs on purpose!  Horrible revenge – that is why I think it must be fake.  Then again it isn’t the only site offering that particular crab revenge –

I don’t know if I want to live in a world where people can order and then distribute CRABS.

  • jenny

    It's definitely legit, I bought crabs from to give to my ex boyfriend and im 100% sure that they worked. Best $50 ive ever spent

  • LMAO That is horrible...funny yet horrible.

  • Hellokitty Pretty

    How did you get them on him

  • Networking-geek

    In the address bar upon checkout, if it has "https" in front of it, it should be legit.

  • A6gel

    there is no "checkout" only an option to order via chat which is always displayed as "offline."

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