It’s Official

I didn’t want to talk about the election anymore, but honestly how can I not?
No matter where your political beliefs lie, history was made last night. You can discount this election any way you want to, but what you cannot discount is how much of a watershed moment this is in our history.

I was watching CNN last night as the polls were closing; it was a pretty powerful moment when Barack was finally named president.

Over the past couple months I have gotten emails from some of my counterparts. I have gotten emails from my friends and family who are VERY left wing, and they sent me articles about how Barack wasn’t left leaning enough. I had right wing friends send me articles branding him a communist.

I wonder if they were watching the crowd when Barack won. I wonder if they could put their political views behind them for a second and watch as the camera panned over the crowd.

I am curious if they saw elderly African Americans with tears streaming down their face. These men and women were alive in the US when Jim Crow laws still existed. Many of them probably went to segregated schools. Now they are standing and watching as a black president is announced the winner of a USA presidential election.
Did the cynics see the live footage from Kenya where people were partying in the streets?

Did they see the looks on the faces of the children in the crowd? The faces of the black children who now KNOW that, yes they can, they can be president.

I wonder if they know about the story of Ann Nixon Cooper. Cooper is 106 years old, a generation away from slavery. In the past she couldn’t even vote for two reasons – she was black and she was a woman. She lived to see woman get the vote, she lived through the great depression, she lived through a World War, she lived through the lives and deaths of MLK and Malcom X and the Civil Rights movement, she saw a man walk on the moon…and yesterday she stood in line so that she could vote for America’s first black President.

In my opinion it is just too big of a moment to worry about your political leanings.

From a personal development angle the story is just as impressive. I wonder how many people would have laughed at a 4 year old Barack saying he wanted to be president. I am sure all through his life he was faced with obstacles and people telling him to forget about it. I remember people weren’t even giving him much of a chance to win the Democratic nomination, much less the Presidency.

I think another thing to take from this election is the amazing about face of the American people. The same country that elected AND re-elected George Bush, has overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama.

I guess it can all be summed up with the final statement from Obama’s victory speech:

“Out of many we are one, while we breathe, we hope, where we are met with cynicism and doubt and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the people…yes we can”

  • Derek

    Everyone is saying Obama is the first black president which I disagree with. Technically he should be the first "half black" president because his mother was white. There is still more steps for the United States to make which is to have a 100% black president.....or an amputee.

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