It’s the firrrrrrrrrrrrrrst of the monnnnnnnnnnnnth

It’s the first of the month. In high school that would have called for a loud playing of the Bonethugs in Harmony song of the same name. Now though, I usually spend that time writing a blog post about how this is going to be THE month, the month where I shatter all of my past months of blogging.

I might be a little more realistic this month. Since it is December I am sure that the social calendar will be getting a work out, so that always effects the blog posts. I can’t see it being much worse than November though. I feel like I have typed those exact words before.

My blog posting all comes down to subject matter. If I can think of something to write about, 500 words is nothing. I have a heck of time thinking about subjects though. I just don’t want to become that guy that talks about every THING that happens in their lives, no matter how significant. You know those guys, Facebook status changed every 5 minutes.

12:00 pm -Ted is making a sandwich.
12:05 pm – Ted is enjoying his sandwich.
12:10 pm – Ted already misses his sandwich

If it isn’t the Facebook status it is the MSN name. It doesn’t really bother me I guess, but I just don’t personally “roll like that.”

I am pretty cynical too, so it needs to be a pretty big event for me to get excited about writing about. Black presidents and broken faces are on the short list of blog worthy topics.

I could use this blog to talk smack about my brother, but I already physically dominate him so much that what is a couple venomously penned words really going to add? I only dominate my youngest brother though, because Rob knows his place.

I think sticking to personal development topics could be a good strategy. It will allow me to throw in gratuitous links to Ignite Your Essence – Your Online Success Coach. The problem with that I can only write so much about that before it becomes stagnant to me.

I think the best bet is to just keep on posting as much as possible and when I think about something I want to vent about, share or whine about, I have to post right away. Much too often, I make a mental note about a potential blog topic and then completely forget it by the time I get to a computer.

That reminds me of a quote that I heard – it was from Bob Proctor I think: “A mental note isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”

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