So what is the general consensus on Michael Jackson these days?

I was talking to my brother about him last night. I think my brother told me he is dying from some illness. I am not sure about that, but it made me think.
What will Jackson’s legacy be?

Will we remember his baby dangling, face covering, nose collapsing, his maybe or maybe not love of children, or will we remember Beat It, Billie Jean and The Jackson 5?

I think in the long run I am going to remember him as one of the best singers of all time. He is DEFINITLY the best child singer of all time IMO. Check out this video here:


Yeah no child singer is messing with that combination of voice and charisma. Other child singers just don’t have the range he had, or else they look like awkward little miniature adults that quite frankly freak me the hell out.

Although I wasn’t really around for the heyday of the Jackson Five, I wonder when the rest of the group realized they were just along for the ride. I mean in the above video they seem like a group, but in this next video they look like backup singers for Michael.


It is funny that I came across that video because it was a remix of that song that spurred on this blog post.

K-Salaam recently remixed that song and it turned out awesome. It is probably in my top twenty songs from last year. The beat is pretty similar but it is different enough to sound fresh. It doesn’t sound dated at all really, yeah of course the song has an old school feel, but it would fit perfectly on any mix of current RnB.

Here it is:


It is really too bad I don’t count the words from the code to embed videos and music. If I did I wouldn’t have had to add this useless paragraph at the end.

Hopefully tomorrow I can come back with a meaningful blog post – something cutting edge like mentioning the weather or how I feel post workout.

  • Anonymous

    What else is in Ted's top 20 songs from last year?

  • Anonymous

    What else is in Ted's top 20 songs from last year?

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