Jay-Z – Glory

Jay-Z recently dropped this track on his blog.

It is a celebration of all things Blue Ivy – his new baby.  I have seen some people online say they aren’t trying to hear “father raps” from Jay-Z, but I think this is a great track.

The most important thing is Jay-Z comes off totally sincere – nothing fake or cheesy on this track.  Jay comes off as not only entirely happy and content on this track, but more introspective and honest than I have heard him in ages.

If the guys out there who are “too cool” to want to hear a man rap about one of the biggest events in his life got past the subject matter, they would see Jay’s voice sounds as good as it has in years.  The song is also full of quotables.

Pharrel laces the beat with taste.  A laid back, soulful vibe that almost comes off as Just Blazeish.

To wrap it up – Blue Ivy Carter makes her recording debut, as her cries are sampled near the end of the track.

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