Jay-Z and Kanye West H.A.M.

I have been highly anticipating the Kanye and Jay collaboration album.  They had a Q-Tip produced track leak a couple weeks ago and it was pretty awesome.  You can find it here: Rap Songs You Have To Hear.

This morning at exactly midnight, the first single was released via Facebook.

H.A.M features a Lex Luger beat. If you are really into rap you will notice that Lex Luger has sold this same beat (slightly tweaked) like a million times.  I am sure Kanye worked a little bit with it though.  You can definitely hear his influence on the orchestral parts, and the beat changes.

If there is one reason to check out this track though it is Jay-Z.  He kills the track, really one of his best verses in awhile.  I have mentioned that I have found Jay-Z to be invigorated with his recent work with Kanye (on this album and Kanye’s own).  This time he takes it up a level from that even.  Vintage Jay-Z on this track.

You can stream the track below:

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