Joe Budden: Mood Muzik 4 Review

Joe Budden.  Pretty interesting and polarizing figure in rap music.  Casual fans know him as a one hit wonder (Pump It Up), they might recognize him as the guy with the least mic presence in Slaughterhouse as well ( I don’t mean skills or lyrics either, he just gets lost on the SH tracks sometimes).

I am not a casual fan though so I know Joey has been spitting some incredibly deft and personal lyrics on his Mood Muzik releases.  Mood Muzik 2 is one of my favorite mixtapes PERIOD.  I didn’t love 3 as much as other people, so I hope the fourth volume is a return to form

Let’s find out what I think about it as I listen to it my first time…

This is my very first time hearing this, so yeah I may focus on beats.  It is hard to let lyrics and subject matter take the forefront on a first listen.  I gotta assume Joey kills this though, so my initial review may not be indicative of how much I like or dislike this album…

1. Intro:
Hasn’t he used this beat before?  For a great song too?  Invisible Man right? Well if Lex Luger can sell the same beat all summer long, I guess Joey can use the same beat more than once.  This is pretty much how I like to hear Joey, cool beat and I like when he flows like this.

2. Aftermath:
Solid beat and Joey sounds great over it.  I wish I could repeat this track a couple times then I could explain it a bit better.  LOL @ “Be competitive coke heads, go line for line”.

3. Role Reversal:
Another cool beat – it almost sounds triumphant, weird for Mood Muzik.  Subject matter is real personal from the sounds of it.  That makes sense on a Mood Muzik release of course.  Great song.  Can’t wait to let these lyrics set in.

4. Come Along:
Don’t love this song on first listen.  This kind of beats with distorted guitars never ever really hit with me. Not the best hook either.  Joe sounds great on it – this song is probably skippable to me based on the beat alone.  I am sure on subsequent listens Joey’s lyrics will make me like it more.

5. Mop Salad (Skit):
Yeah if you have read me before you know I don’t care about skits.  I am sure it is funny or whatever, but I don’t need Joe to be funny.  Pass.

6. Sober Up: Wow, didn’t expect a beat like this on Mood Muzik LOL.  That isn’t a negative statement tho.  it reminds me of a Polow Da Don beat.  Pretty current sounding, but it isn’t fluff.  Joe sounds great, he is really killing this album.  Dude stays personal on these Mood Muziks too.  Crooked I does his thing as usual.

7. Dessert For Thought feat. Styles P and Pusha T: Another non Mood Muzik type beat to me.  I don’t mind Styles P but Im not feeling this verse that much (“flip like a spatula”).  I am sure it will only seem worse, as Joey and Pusha drop some fire.  Pretty laid back beat I’d expect to hear on a Currensy album, so of course Pusha sounds great over it. Joey does his thing, good song.

8. 1000 Faces: Now this is the kind of beat I expect on a Mood Muzik album, a little darker.  Even as I say that though, some synths drop over the beat making it a bit less dark.  Still sounds great to me, and I dunno what to say about Joey – dude is killing this album.  The cock-rock sample just kicked in and really might have ruined this song for me.  OMG it is Creed – yeah I can never ever play this song in front of any living human.

9. Inseparable: Dope song. Man this album is fire so far.  Yes the bats are a bit “lighter” this time around, but they are mostly great so far.  Also great sound quality on this album…rare. I dunno if the chorus is live or sample, but either way it destroys the Creed abomination.  People who complain about rappers only rapping about bling etc, need to check this album out.  Budden is getting REAL personal, especially on this album.  The second verse gave me chills.

10. The Shoes (skit): PASS.  I am sure it is funny, but PASS.  And don’t whine in the comments about me skipping skits..I don’t have time for skits.

11. Remember The Titans feat. Fab, Lloyd Banks and Royce: Not a bead line up of rappers, and starts off with a great beat. I love the production on first listen, that could change but so far through 11 songs it is great.  Fab sounds good on this.  He is almost underrated these days.  I don’t think Budden is riding this beat too great, maybe it was just because Fab was so smooth.  Banks with another great guest performance (he has been good on the Kanye GOOD Friday tracks) but man his voice is weird these days.  Royce does what Royce does.  Solid song.

12. Welcome To Real Life:
A nice soulful beat, I could see this beat on Jay-Z’s American Gangster album.  Budden getting his social commentary on this album, hits on some great points too.

13. No Idea: Good beat with some cool drums.  Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww @ Joey on this.  People complain I don’t talk about lyrics enough – well fuck the beat on this track this is al about Joey.  It is so weird that a person being personal and forthright with their thoughts is blowing my mind.  There is such a wall built up between Rapper and fans these days. I can still respect rappers like that, but this is real refreshing to hear. “I keep the past present with me”…I think we all do Joe.

14. Black Cloud:
I wonder if this will be a cheerful song about Nike Dunks and champagne?  This is really cool though – I am thinking I might have heard this OR the beat is reused.  Can someone let me know if this is another artists beat or if Joey leaked this track earlier?  Leave a comment if you know.  Im loving this, Joey is killlling it!

Its hard to live without a budget when life is corrupted/
In a house that so peaceful that Im trying to disrupt it/
scream FUCK IT, not because I have to because I love it/
Which makes me as fake as the puppets that I speak of disgusted/

15. Follow Your Lead feat Joell Ortiz:
Another darker beat, but again it is solid.  Wow, I can see myself playing the hell out of this album.  Budden sounds great on this song AGAIN.  Beat does kind of almost sound unfinished though, and the hook is weak to me.  Joell is great on here.

16. Stuck In The Moment:
This is soooooooooooooo Mood Muzik.  The catchy recognizable  sample with Joey keeping it personal, but showing a touch of positivity near the end.      The beat just builds and builds too.  It gives this song a pretty epic feel.  Is this sampling alive version of Police: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic?  Sounds soooo familiar.

17. If All Else Fails:
Hmm on one hand I think the above song was the perfect way to end the album.  On the other hand this last song is cool in it’s own right.  Doesn’t really match the rest of the album though.  I love the effects added to this beat.  I am thinking this might be a bonus track since it sounds so out of place. I don’t mind the track at all, it just doesn’t fit.

I think Joe Budden has dropped a potential top ten album of the year here.  I am not sure because I would have to look back at what has been released, but this is a very cohesive album with solid production and amazing rapping.  Another great thing about this release is that the sound quality is good to great.  if you have been a fan of Joe Budden for awhile you may have been used to sloppily mixed and mastered releases, not this time!

I suggest everyone at least gives this a spin or two, it is really refreshing to hear a rapper be so forthright and personal.  Joey is one of the best at projecting that emotion through his voice, and that is what makes Mood Muzik 4 a definite must listen.

  • Dakidnoise

    omg inseperable was soooo great i got goose bumps reading the lyrics out laud

  • ItsLew Khed

    Black Cloud *early* release was *WAY* better then the *BLACK CLOUD* on the album. Check it out. (Black Cloud-Leak) then listen to the album (Black Cloud) I think he used *DOA!* in his voice.(i dont like).. I think the *leak* version was WAY more MM4 and it needs more SCREAMS!!! Joe is goat! by far! ("Pac looking down from heaven, saying they understand me neither")

  • Good looks on that man, Ill check that out.

  • Murphy6053211

    Black Cloud was sampled for one of the MM4 trailers, you may have heard it there. It was also his first MM4 Monday leak.

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