Kanye & Jay-Z: Watch The Throne (REVIEW)

It finally dropped.

Jay-Z and Kanye:  Watch The Throne.

I have to say – what a crazy job they did on keeping it from leaking.  I think them using the digital only release via iTunes first saved them from leaks.  I am sure a lot of big label albums will do the same now.  it is usually some sloppy work by an engineer creating physical copies that leads to leaks.

So what is the album like?

Well it is a Kanye and Jay album.

It is what you think it would be. Jay and Kanye spitting over typical 2011 Kanye production.  The beats are great of course – some lush samples, some great flips and like his last album, Kanye pushes the boundaries of hip-hop by sampling euro and dupstep tracks.  This album is probably less experimental than Kanye’s last though.  While there is a definite current vibe to the album, I don’t think it is avant garde enough to polarize older fans.

One thing that is great to hear is the rapport between Jay and Kanye – they have no problem going back and forth and feel totally comfortable together.  I guess that makes sense considering they have been linked since Kanye’s early days, but you still wonder how two guys with massive egos will work together.

Jay def sounds better than BP3 IMO too.  He kills a number of these tracks.

I expected greatness from this album but my expectations were tempered because who knows what the final product would be like…but IMO this lived up to expectations.   If you are a fan of Jay or Kanye this is a must cop.

Stand Outs:
Gotta Have It
Murder To Excellence

Let Downs:
Lift Off

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