Kanye West: So Appalled

Whoa. (song right above)

I love the music Kanye has been putting out for the past month. He has dropped some bangers with his weekly G.O.O.D Friday tracks.  Now most of the songs have had a posse feel to them with a  number of rappers on the track.  So Appalled is no different…

This song has verse from Kanye himself,  Jay-Z (who has been killing ALL his guest appearances lately, this is no different), Pusha T (also killing the Kanye tracks he is on recently), Swizz beats (who cares), Cyhi The Prince and Rza (no verse tho which is a shame).

This track is absolute flames – amazing beat and Jay-Z goes off.  The best Jay has sounded in ages…

I lost 30 mill, so I spent another 30/
Cuz unlike Hammer, 30 mill can’t hurt me/

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