Kendrick Lamar feat. Gunplay – Cartoon & Cereal

Kendrick Lamar is one of my fav new rappers.  I love that the West is putting out so much good music these days.  It was rough for awhile, after it’s gangsta rap heyday.  There are some up and comers out there now putting out good music, and none of them may be as talented as Kendrick Lamar.

This track is definitely experimental, but he is talented enough to pull it off, and have you not rolling your eyes at the pretension. 

This track also includes Gunplay, one of Maybach Music’s signees.  He provides a nice yin to  Kendrick’s yang.   This might not be everyone’s type of track, and it won’t be heating up the clubs, but it is one of the tracks of the year so far.

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