Kicking It Up A Notch

I have to admit after the week layoff I am finding myself a little sore today. Nothing major, but a general stiffness for sure.

So far at the gym I have been following my trainers original routine and kind of just going out there and doing it every day. Now i want to get slightly more serious. I have begun to keep a log to track the weight I am lifting.

I usually have a pretty good idea in my head about what I have been lifting, but i think it will take me to the next level if I keep a good record of it. I know that I have doubled and tripled a lot of my beginning weights, wouldn’t it be great if I could look at a table in Microsoft Word and see exactly what I have accomplished? I certainly think it would. It will definitely help me with my motivation, plus give me some ideas on what I should be focusing on.

The sense of accomplishment is nice, but the drive to lift even higher weights is the real draw. If I see I am stuck on a certain weight for too long, I can get more aggressive. If I notice I am maxing out on a certain machine, i can switch to free weights or I can change up my routine.
Lately, I have found myself with some free time; I have been doing a lot of research into weight lifting and supplements. I think in the next couple months I will be switching my routine; I will consult the trainer of course. I just think the internet is a great place for info, I have found a ton of great sites with really great information. Actually I think I should probably share some of my favourite sites.

First though a personal disclaimer: my fitness focus is on weight lifting for a reason. Through my research I have come to the conclusion it will be the most impactful way for me to lose weight. Cardio is of course good, but at my current weight; I don’t feel that I can keep up an effective weight loss pace doing just cardio. I do some cardio now before and after my weight lifting but nothing long distance or marathon like. When I get some serious fitness gains I would think about hiking up my cardio (no pun).

Anyways on to some of my suggestions on sites for you guys to check out:
The T-Magnum forums are a great place for info. This is the first thread you should read on that site. It is the beginner thread and it will answer a lot of the questions you might have. It helped me a lot.
The above link is simply a sample beginner workout routine. Not much to say about it, I haven’t used it but I do know that it comes highly recommended. It doesn’t fit into my schedule though so i opted to use my trainers program.
This is simply an exercise directory. It lists exercises according to body parts and how to do them. You can Google exercise directories and find a ton of them I am sure.
This is a good and quick read. It is ten training myths debunked. It set me straight on a couple things actually. Pretty useful for the beginner.

Now just as a disclaimer, I am not a trainer or a doctor. Those are two people I suggest you talk to before you start a vigorous workout routine. Any of the info I gave you here was as an added bonus to the information a doctor or trainer will give you.

If you decide to start lifting weights and have talked to both a doctor and a trainer – I wish you the best of luck!

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