Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End of Day Review

Another track by track album review – I know how original?  I swear I won’t be making these type of posts too often, it has just been a weird couple weeks with some good rap music leaking quite regularly.

Speaking of which – Raekwon finally dropped his much talked about sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx (considered by many to be the greatest rap album ever).  It actually lived up to the hype!  Greet album…could end up being classic, really invoked some great memories for me – reminds me of Wu Tang Clan at their peak.  MOP also dropped a decent, if somewhat formulaic album.

I am going to review a different album though.  Kid Cudi’s new album.  He is a Rap Freshman, and I think this album he just dropped is a good choice to review.  it isn’t as good as Raekwon’s, but it is closer to Blueprint 3 in terms of can be easily compared.

On with the show…

  1. In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem) – Intro track, it lives up to it’s name.  It is a very dreamy sounding track, with the somewhat plodding beat and his slightly off key crooning.  Cool intro track, not something I would listen to a lot.  Common makes a surprise appearance at the end of the track, with some spoken word.
  2. Soundtrack To My Life – Another subdued technoish beat.  A pretty heartfelt song, Kid Cudi genuinely sounds like he has some issues in his life.  People will call this “emo”, but I think it is him being honest.
  3. Simple As – This song starts out with a chanting voice and it sounds like it will be another subdued beat.  Some nice drums drop though and although the chanting adds an ethereal feel to it – the drums keep it head bobbing.  Kid Cudi sounds more energetic on this.
  4. Solo Dolo – Ohhhhhh shit – this beat starts out awesome – some like plucked violin strings sound.  Very minimalist – reminiscent of Kid Daytona’s – Air Born.  Cudi keeps talking about his personal life – sounds like this is about his relationships.  Emo or heartfelt?  I guess that is up to you.  Great beat though.
  5. Heart of a Lion – Kind of weak snares on this, but the piano keys in the beat are a nice touch.  Then the synths arrive – and they add an anthemic feel to it.  The synths remind me of like medieval horns.  Again some people will label this emo, but I think this is a pretty positive song.
  6. My World – Another subdued beat, some industrial sounding snares almost…and then piano keys to combat them.  Cudi is staying personal on this. I am not a huge fan of Billy Cravens appearance…could have stuck with Cudi on the hook.
  7. Day n Nite – You have herd this – this was a huge hit.  Some people hate it, I loved it. The only difference I notice on this album version, is that at the end there is an ending part where Cudi has the beat screwed.  If you think you haven’t heard this – look it up on youtube…you will recognize it.
  8. Sky Might Fall – I heard someone compare this to Kanye’s Champion – at first I was like “uhh what?”.  But it kind of is, a much darker version of course.
  9. Enter Galactic – This kind of surprised me, it reminds me of disco, or like some older Jamiroquai.  I guess the spacey feel of the beat, makes sense considering the title.  The beat is ridiculously catchy.  It might not be my favourite on the album, but I know enough people who would eat this up.
  10. Alive – Beat starts with some ALMOST west coast sounding bass…almost west coast, but not quite.  It doesn’t stay there though.  In drops some sound, sounds like someone hitting a glass bottle.  Seems like it will be a minimalistic beat like Solo Dolo – but then the rest of the song kicks in.  Very techno.  I like Cudi on this – comparing himself to like a werewolf – he becomes a “beast” on the “prowl” when the moon shines.  I know a lot of guys like that.
  11. Cudi Zone – This reminds me of some newer Kanye stuff – maybe a touch overproduced, but it is going for that “epic” feel.  Like Blueprint 3 I am beginning to think that this album will not sit well with older rap fans.
  12. Make Her Say – This is probably his second biggest hit.  I like where he sequenced it in the album, it breaks up the spacey, techno feel with some hard drums and a clever interpolation of Lad Gaga’s “Poker Face”.  I think you can imagine what a couple rappers using a sample of “poker face” are talking about.
  13. Pursuit of Happiness – Do you know or like MGMT?  They are getting a pretty big following – and they are on this track.  I am not sure if they produced it, but it has there sound all over it.  Cudi is staying pretty heart felt with the lyrics.
  14. Hyyer – Although this is a different sound than the majority of the album, it doesn’t stick out at all.  This is a classic baby making beat.  Real laid back smooth beat.  I would picture Z-Ro rapping on this.  Again rappers and a song named “Hyyer”…guess what it is about.  Good choice for subject matter though because this beat will make you think of nothing else.
  15. Up, Up and Away – Probably the most upbeat sounding beat on the album – cool choice for an ending.  It leaves you feeling good at the end of the album, and since Cudi was so personal on this album – it makes you feel like he is personally on his way up.  Judging from this song, it doesn’t seem like Cudi cares about what people will say about him.

Like Blueprint 3, this is an album that might not be too popular.  Unlike Blueprint 3 though Cudi doesn’t have the name of Jay-Z to fall back on.

On one hand, old school rap fans probably won’t embrace the electronic feel of the beats.  On the other hand newer rap fans (i.e teens and girls) are probably not going to find this album that appealing – it might be too out there for them. Especially if they are going in expecting Day N Nite x 15.

Kid Cudi might have a commercial flop on his hands…will Day N Nite be popular enough to avoid that?  Artistically though – I think he hits a homerun.  The album plays as a full album, sequenced properly and almost tells a story.

Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreaks was a failure in my opinion, this album is what it should have been. This is completely genuine and natural – Kanye’s didn’t seem that way – it was forced.

I might be in the minority – but this album is great – better than other album who have tried to harness this sound (most notably Blueprint 3 and 808’s)

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  • scotty McFlyyyyy

    Good review. I dont really think it will be a commercial success. Which is a good thing in this situation. Especially bc Drake just dropped his old ass tunes commercially. I feel he has enough buzz underground to keep afloat. Im glad you mentioned Kid Daytona because I feel these guys should hook up n get some legit dual threat beats pumpin' (Jet Audio & Plain Pat). Shit would be sickkkk. Floatin' in the Sky & Do my Do are still on play. Even boomboompow remix with Cudder is tight as shit (minus bitch ass fergie)

  • Lester

    It did numbers! Shout to Cudi!

  • glook. It great to have choices like other genres.

  • Jake Jones

    This album is great. CuDi wouldn't have released it if he wasn't confident with his music. He did what he wanted to d with this. Why just about everyone gotta be so critical with everything?

  • lochlan

    i hope people respect this album like they should this is real music its not a a catchy beat for the radio or a ring tone cudi went hard one some real shit not just for cash but to make music. and i like the blue print three but this blows it out of the water i just people people will understand it. so roll up a blunt or two and listen to it

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