Labour Day

Labour Day weekend.

The end of summer as we know it. I am not sure the exact day summer ends but I do know that most people feel like this is the final day of our summer. The weather right now is gorgeous so it is hard to believe, but soon enough the winter storms will be here.

This winter cannot be as bad as last winter – right? That was probably the worst winter in my 30 years of life. I am pretty positive that this one will seem tame, at least in comparison.

I have heard that a lot of people stop working out in the winter I find that weird; I had assumed that winter would be a gyms busiest time. I thought people would be packing the gym to avoid outside. In the summer you can hike, run and etc… In the winter you don’t want to do too much outside, at least I don’t. I know a lot of people enjoy outdoor winter activities, me, not so much.
I think going to the gym in the winter will be great. It will be a nice temperature in there, and I can imagine the cold blast of winter will feel GREAT when you are coming outside after a real hard workout. I have never worked out consistently, and have never worked out in the winter so this will all be new. It is a bit of a hassle since I walk to the gym through a park, that won’t be happening after a couple snow storms. Besides that though I am looking forward to it, if just for a change of “scenery”.

I am your typical Canadian when it comes to the weather though. I moan and groan about the heat in the summer and then I moan and groan about the cold in winter. Sometimes I think that people in Canada would have nothing to talk about if we lived in a nice average climate. I really dislike sleeping in the heat though, so I guess I will keep my griping down a bit.

One thing I look forward to at the end of summer is autumn. It is probably my favourite season. I like the way it gets cold at night, I like the gradual slipping into winter and the leaves changing doesn’t bother me like it does some people. It is also a lot more dry than spring.

Not to mention the start of NFL, NBA and NHL. Since I am not a huge baseball fan, the summer is like a sports desert to me. When September rolls around I can finally see the oasis of football. Then it is just a short time until basketball and hockey start. The glory days of being a sports fan really.

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