Last Minute

I will be honest.

I got busy with the gym and some yard work this afternoon. Not a bad afternoon, but all day I just kind of forgot about writing. So now I am sitting here at 10:15, wondering how long I can stall until I think about something to write.

I rarely capitalize my I’s. Almost every time I am typing a sentence, the I goes uncapitalized. I spend a good minute going over my work at the end, using Word’s handy spellchecker to quickly change all my small i’s to big ones. I don’t know why. I definitely do hit the shift key. I think my timing is just off. My shift timing has always been weak. It has plagued me since high school. It isn’t just I’s either, it is all capitals. Start of sentence I am OK. I can usually nail a capital there, but it is like once I hit my typing stride, I lose it. So my start is flawless, it is sometime after, that my timing goes off. I really can’t see what causes it. Names, cities, months…whatever, I always miss their capitals. I am a big guy but surely I don’t need some form of “typing wand.” Weird, when I was 13 playing Double Dragon II, I was easily able to hit A and B together, to deliver an elbow. Is shift-i that much different?

That killed a solid 200 words.

I guess some would wonder why I am blogging in the first place. I am doing it for a couple reasons really. The discipline is a big one. Trying to churn out 500 words on a daily basis is a good habit to form. I like to write, and know I can get better if I continually do it. It also helps me keep track of how hitting the gym was going. Good place to document stupid fears I had, or milestones. I am not really looking for a “successful” blog. I don’t mind at all if people check it out, but my number one aim isn’t for blog hits. Does that mean anything? Not really.

A daily reflection isn’t a bad side effect either. Whether I reflect on the previous day, or a day last month, doesn’t matter. For me personally, things look different when they are typed out. I can have a thought in my head, and of course that thought encapsulates hundreds of words. But once I write it down, I can look at it more objectively, and go over it easier. I am not saying that works for everyone, but it does for me. I also know that I learn a lot from hearing about people’s experiences. If I want info about how to lose weight, I want to read about how someone else did it, I am curious about how they reacted in different situations. That is the best way I find to teach myself. So maybe someday something useful for someone will pop out of this blog.

I missed every “I” in that above paragraph.

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