LG – Synth Sounds [REVIEW]

LG is a young rapper out of New Orleans.

I had never heard of him until I checked out his EP Cinco based on a friend’s recommendation.  Cinco opens up with a Nas sample (from Belly) – and even though LG is from New Orleans he seems much more Nas than Lil Wayne on that release.

I was super surprised by not only this kid’s flow, but his mature subject matter and a great ear for beats.  Cinco was super soulful.  No New Orleans bounce to this.  Had an almost old school NY style sound.

It ended up being one of my favorite releases last year, so I was anticipating new music from him in 2012.

He recently delivered:  Synth Sounds

You can probably tell by the title it has a different sound than the one I described for his last album.  This album is a little more current sounding for sure – not quite as soulful BUT it still works.

LG still has a completely effortless flow and while you can still tell he his young from some of his lyrics, you can also hear the great potential.  Already at a young age he is able to paint a really vivid picture of his life, and the life in the 5th Ward of New Orleans.

While the beats sound more current on this release, he stills showcases a great ear for them.  Considering his idol Nas has only shown that talent in small bursts in his career, that is a good sign.

I don’t know if LG has that break out song on this, but it is another great release from this young rapper out of N.O.    2 for 2 so far, and he is showing growth.  Sky is the limit for this dude.

My Fav Cuts:

  • Meant to Be
  • Every Summer
  • Let It Happen

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