Life and Death

Life and death, yo.

I got a first hand experience in the agony of death and the thrill of life today.

For entertainment purposes let’s just pretend I have a soft spot for animals. Let’s pretend I had to fast forward through the scene in The Neverending Story where the horse got stuck in quicksand, and let’s also pretend that I can’t watch Humane Society infomercials without tearing up. Alright now that we are pretending I am a sap for animals, i can get on with my story.

I was cutting the grass today – always a fun chore, and to make it more fun it was about to rain. I was kicked into my high gear trying to finish (i.e. my high gear falls somewhere between low gear and reverse for normal people). So I was firing across the grass with the lawnmower when I saw a brown lump come flying out of somewhere – either the lawnmower or he was hidden in the grass (yeah alright the lawn needed a mowing bad).

So after I recovered from my original shock I manned up and took a close look – fearing I was about to look at half an animal. Well this small furry mouse like dude – I say it is a vole, but I always say that when I see any animal smaller than a dog but bigger than a mouse. So the little guy is looking in pretty good shape except he has a bit of blood at the tip of his nose. All the limbs are in tact but he was writhing weirdly. So I am thinking he was crushed – I felt horrible.

I was struck with a moral dilemma – do I wait and see if this guy recovers, or do I put him out of his misery. I didn’t know what to do – the thought of crushing him made me feel a little sad, but the thought of him in pain was worse. I did whatever I do when I am struck with such a dilemma – I logged onto MSN messenger and took a poll.

Everyone agreed – if he was still acting weird when I went back I had to put him out of his misery. I went out there and of course he was in the same spot…when I leaned down to check him out his eyes were closed and I thought he was dead…the agony of death. I was about to go get a bag to throw him out when I thought lets give him a little kick – I tapped him with my shoe and he instantly woke up and ran away…the thrill of life.

I think he was probably playing dead earlier OR that my shoe has been blessed with healing powers…I think either scenario is just as likely.

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