Light At The End of The Tunnel?

So being a Toronto sports fan has been pretty rough since the early 90’s.

The Jays are stuck with JP Riccardi – the biggest fraud in sports. I can’t believe this guy is STILL employed by the Jays. I can’t believe he ever convinced anyone that he was fit to build a team. They are also in the toughest division in sports. I might watch them again sometime AFTER Riccardi leaves town.

Then we have the Raps – not a horrible situation – they have some star power BUT the NBA is definitely a league of haves and have nots. In the East, the Raps can NOT compete with the likes of Orlando, Cleveland or Boston. At least we have Brian Colangelo – although he hasn’t made one great trade yet, I still have faith. Regardless though, The Raps are a middle of the road team at best. I will still cheer for them at least.

Then we have The Mighty Maple Leafs. They haven’t made the playoffs in ages and are in the first real rebuilding I can remember since my youth. As unlikely as it is – it is them who are the light at the end of the tunnell! Brian Burke took the helm of the Leafs last year and he has been quick to put his fingerprints on this team.

He spent the off season trying to sign every college player he could – he successfully signed Bozak who could be the best of the bunch. When you have a GM that active in the college market it is like getting an extra draft.

The past couple days though Brian Burke has shined. He signed Colton Orr – not a monster signing by any means but he is the first legitimate enforcer the Leafs have had in awhile. I am not personally huge on the enforcer role – but it is nice to have in the back pocket.

Then things got interesting. Brian Burke was able to deal Kubina and his huge contract. I liked Kubina and thing he got unfairly critisized but it was still a coup finding a team to pick up his contract. Not only did we get rid of the contract, we got Garnet Exelby back as well. Not a point producing defenseman thats for sure, but he is a lock down defender that teams do NOT like playing against. A solid if unspectacular move.

Then we find out why he was unloading salary. Brian Burke picked up 27 year old Mike Komisarek for 4.5 million a year. He snatched him from the HATED and LOATHED Montreal Canadiens..WIN-WIN. We get the Canadiens hits and blocked shots leader who is also an all star defenseman.

Toronto still needs to add offense obviously, but it is clear there is a new era in Toronto. An era where NO team will want to play us. Look at the toughness and defensive ability on the D now…Schenn, Exelby, Finger and Komisarek. I have heard Kaberle trade rumours as well but personally I would keep him unless they can get a star offensive player. Kaberle is the perfect lightening to the former 4’s thunder.

The Leafs aren’t world beaters or anyhing but they are certainly on their way back to respectability. They won’t skate in circles to get there either, they will just skate straight through you.

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